Monday, June 20, 2011

Frolicking Moose

This takes a minute to download,
but it is very cool so it is worth it.

John and Trigger got to go up and camp this weekend but My Vickie and I had to stay home and work at the kennels.  It is very busy at this time of year. 

We were pretty dissappointed that we missed watching these two brothers playing in the spring by our place.  They are both from the same mama but a year apart. 

Ah shucks, This having to be responsible and taking care of other humans best friends, well sometimes, I think My Vickie takes it too seriously.

I WANNA GO PLAY in the mountains.......

So if you would all tell My Vickie how important it is for her well being that we get at least one night of camping soon, I would be eternally greatful...after all it is for her health and well well as mine.

don't you think?

Have a great Monday everyone.



Tanner and Beth said...

Responsibility!! That is such a big word! I am not even sure I spelled it right!

I know Vicki has lots of those, but she also needs to take care of herself and you too!! I vote for a night of camping!!

Puppy kisses,

Whisppy said...

Those are happy little mooses..uh, moosies? moosee? Hahaha.

My vote is for a night of camping in the mountains!

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, are you sure that moosie wasn't Mitch? He looks just like that!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

Me vote for a night of camping too!!

rottrover said...

LOVE those moose!! They do look like big doggies the way that they play. Bert, your Vicki won't relax if she's worried about her r.e.s.p.o.n.s.i.b.i.l.i.t.i.e.s. Trust us. We know about this stuff! Take her for a hike this week and let her see some pretty Nature stuff. She'll like it and it'll mellow her out.

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Anonymous said...

I think you and your Vickie should moosey on up to the mountains!

Boondocks said...

Ok, Vickie, it's time to take Bert for an over-night camping trip. Breathe the fresh air. Stop and smell the roses. Just don't step in moose done-it! And Bert, please don't roll in any of it either!

Boondocks and Kudzu

Bailey Be Good! said...

Awwww! Those moosies look like fun to play with! Teehee!

I think you should be able to go camping at least once, to see how you like it. :)

And congrats to Vickie on the book -- it looks wonderful!

Woofs & hugs,


Finn said...

Wow, those are some big moose! I would be a little afraid to be so up close! Take care of those other doggies in the kennel!

johndeb said...

Be careful. That mother moose like your big sister will stomp you into the ground if you even think about messing with her calf!

NCmountainwoman said...

Dear Bert's Vickie,
Bert is concerned about your working so hard for others and not getting enough time for yourself. He would be willing to go camping with you for your well being. He is thinking only of you so I agree with him that it would be a good idea to go camping in the mountains. After all, life is always better in the mountains.

And the video is indeed very cool.

Catherine said...

What a fun video! Nature is always the best entertainment!
xo Catherine

Au and Target said...

Couldn't see all of it but those moose look like they're having a blast.

jen said...

What a great picture of the moosie!

We vote for a night of camping!

Sagira said...

They sure look cute! :)

Elizabeth said...

That was like watching Wild Kingdom! I would just fall over if I saw that in person. ;) Hope you get a break soon. :)