Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It just keeps getting better and better

 So this is the way my day started.   Mean old Allred (Devil Cat) slipped out last night and got caught in a rain storm.  He doesn't like to get wet.  Well to be honest, he doesn't like much of anything and especially he does not like me.  So because he was dumb enough to go out and Cat around last night and get himself rained on.... I have to pay the price.   

What a way to start the day.
 Things started looking up when My Vickie received and email from my sweet friend Daisy's new mom.  You may remember that Daisy is the dog My Vickie and I rescued from the pound about 6 weeks ago.   Dr. Doughty sewed up all her owies, fixed her hernia and we taught her how to eat again then we found what we hoped would be the perfect forever home for her.

They love her and she loves them and she is very happy in her new home.  That made even Devil Cats attitude a little easier to bare.
 Then My Vickie told me that some of my friends, Boondocks, Hawk and the Roudy Girls  sent us the Inspiration Award.  Wow, me an inspiration.  Who would have thought.  My Vickie promised me that we would get to give the award to some of our blog friends too but she said we needed to take some more time because it would be so hard to decide on Just 10 of them.

AND THEN......

We went out to the Mail Box and GUESS WHAT!!!!
 It Came, It Came, It Came IT CAME,
Oh yeah baby.....IT CAME
 The package My Vickie has been telling me about.  There it was, sitting on the mail box with MY NAME on it.  Me, I got a package.  Wahoo.....But what was it.....
 That darn package was wrapped so well.  I tried and tried to open it but I think they must have used 10 pounds of tape to seal it.  Not just regular tape but the strongest tape Me or My Vickie have ever seen.
 So I asked James Dean to help me out and we started working on it.  That James Dean, he is pretty good at opening packages.  He just ripped into it and shortly we had it opened and the contents spread across the front yard.
 At first I wasn't sure what to think of it.  It smelled good, it smelled like nature.  It was rounded and long and mmmmmm.  My Vickie told me that she had got me something called and elk antler.  Not just one but three.  She told me I could share if I want or I could keep them all to myself.
 I decided to share.  Abby was thrilled and she took hers over to the big tree and started chewing.   Tristy and I both wanted the same one but I finally gave in and let her take that one and I took the last one.  AFter all, she is old.  No sense in bringing the wrath of the Old One in on such a fine day.
My Vickie wanted everyone to know that these were not taken from elk that had been killed for thier antlers but that the people waited until they fell off.  I didn't know elk lost their antlers but I am pretty grateful now that they do.   Boy this is tasty and seems to be good for my teeth and gums.

However,  MY Vickie wanted me to ask you all if you have heard anything negative about dogs chewing on Elk antlers and if you have, would you please tell her cause she doesn't want us to be harmed in any way. 

I hope there is nothing wrong cause I am loving them.  And I love the mail man   and I love my Vickie for letting me get mail.  It surely made my day.

Well, I am off, My Vickie has some big plan for us tomorrow during her break time so I better get some rest.

Love ya


Reilly / Bree said...

What a great day you had and how sweet of you to share your treats. I haven't heard anything bad about antlers - I know many people get them for their doggies - it is just protein after all - and that is good for doggies I think.

Sam said...

Our boys love elk antlers!

Sounds like you had a great day with nice pressies and good news!


Anonymous said...

YIPPEE! Elk antlers are AWESOME! I've chewed on a few in my day, I can tell you that. And my mom is totally paranoid...er...cautious and she hasn't heard a bad thing about them. So enjoy!

And congratulations on your awardie. You really ARE an inspiration, Bert!

Wiggles & Wags,

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

That is such good news about little Daisy - happy endings are so nice.

Lucky you with those three big antler chews. We have some here but they are much smaller and Mom only lets us have them while she is there with us. We haven't heard any thing bad about them either but we would love to get some bigger ones.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Frankie Furter said...

I have LOTS of DEER Antlers... they are the same material as Elk.. butt we don't have any Elk here.. just deer. Antlers are shed every year.. Horns are Permanant.. COWS>>> HORNS
Elk>> antlers

Now... Antlers Do NOT Stink Stain or SPLINTER. They are composed of CALCIUM.
They DO need to be large enough to not be a Choke Hazard.
Antlers last a LONG TIME.. at least they do fur ME.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We've been chewing on antlerz for a couple of years now and we just love them. Mom says it's one of the best investments she's ever made!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

jen said...

What a great present to get in the mail, and how nice of you to share it!

The Army of Four said...

oh, we just LOVE happy new beginnings! Ha rooooo to your mom for a job well done!
We've never tried antlers, so we can't weigh in on that one!
Play bows,

Hazelmarie Elliott (Mattie) said...

Bert, what a wonderful day you had (we'll not mention old Allred). I enjoyed reading about Daisy's good fortune, and about how you deservedly were given the Inspiration Award. You are a special fellow.

I especially loved the picture of you and James Dean opening your box of treats. You have the most delightfully intense look on your face! It must have been a difficult job - but well worth it in the end. Your generosity to your friends warmed my heart. I just wanted to give you a big hug.(smile)

Enjoy your treat, Bert. I'll be back to visit with you soon.

Love you, golden boy,

Boondocks said...

Oh, we never knew elk antlers were chew toys. Looks scrumptious!!!

Boondocks and Kudzu

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! HEY I think I know that delish treat ... antlers. You guys are lucky n glad James Dean helped you opening your package. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

John and Deborah Gill said...

Elk Antlers.....They do a great job on your teeth. Just ask my toothless wonder buddy, but you get in less trouble than chewing on tree's.
Love, Bear

NCmountainwoman said...

We have given them to Ellie and Lucy for a couple of years. We had never heard any negative until just last week. We were in a neighboring town and stopped in their pet store. The owner says he no longer sells antlers because one of his dogs broke a tooth while chewing on one.

We still give them to our dogs because they don't bite them that hard, just put them between their paws and chew. Plus, we never leave them alone with they have an antler to chew on. The dogs love them better than any chew we've ever given them.

keli said...

What a great idea to get elk antlers in the mail. Antlers are hard to find because they get eaten up quickly by all the little critters like squirrels. They love the calcium. Once my mom and her friend found FIVE huge moose antlers and they carried a matching pair back down the trail for her son and I tried to nibble on them the WHOLE way down. My mom's friend kept shooing me away because I was wrecking them but, boy, were they tasty! My mom put in a call to her vet to see if there's anything bad about antlers and if there is I'll let you know.

Sorry you can't make the puppy party tomorrow night. We'll make sure you can make the next one. Maybe I'll sit in your bucket for you this time!



Bailey Be Good! said...

Wowserz! I've never heard of elk antlers! Sounds a bit scary, and they look really big! I'm glad you like them!

Woofs & hugs,


Sierra Rose said...

What a report Bert!! So glad things turned into a fine day. You have lots of fantastic pals there, how fun!
Love those elk antlers! I haven't gotten too far on mine, it's a tough one! Enjoy!

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose

Die Waldfee said...

Hay Bert,
at these great photos and loving lines written is an equally warm your heart!
That was a totally beautiful and exciting day for you / you.
The parcel was tied properly, you were determined looong busy.
But the hard work pay was still considerable.
A great surprise.
Thank you for the beautiful pictures.
Have a sunny and quiet weekend.
Best regards,