Thursday, June 2, 2011

Walking Challenge

We have joined for the walking challenge.   Me and My Vickie have been doing it for four weeks now and it has been great. Thought I would share some of the joys of the walk with a picture post of:

New Friends I have Met.

New Sites I have Seen

Whoops, The flooding washed away my trail. 
Better turn around

Lovely Smells

And Then I Come Home To THIS....


Frankie Furter said...

Somebuddy looks a bit unhappy to have been left at home!!! LOVELY walk you had there Bert.

Hey.. I have another furend named BertIE. He is Blogville's Scientific Advisor. and he takes grrrreat walks too. I Love Bertie's blog.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree with Frankie Furter--Someone isn't happy about not being included and probably being left with an empty bowl!! But seeing those great pictures of your walks, I'd have that same look if I was left behind too!! :-)))

The Cat From Hell said...

Perhaps yous should take Devil cat Next time. Kozmo goes on walks with our hairy slobbery sisters. He prefers a harness to a collar, but he uses both.
PS great pictures

Sagira said...

You sure have seen some pretty things and met some cool new furiends. :)

Boondocks said...

WOW... that was some good pictures right up until you got home. Looks like someone forgot to feed your devil cat. My big 'lil' brother, Ohno, has a shirt that says, "Cats... the other white meat." The more cats I see, the more truth I appreciate from his shirt!!

We're doing the walk too but haven't been nearly as consistent. The heat index is106 outside right now - so I'm hoping mom's going to settle on us just sitting in front of the a/c.


Reilly / Bree said...

those are pawsome photo's !! I love that little dog with all four feet off the ground - reminds me of "IT" And we have the same pretty blue flowers here too

georgia little pea said...

There are so many things on this walk that I don't know where to begin!

First of all, can dogs really climb trees? Please put up a tutorial soon as I would like to learn how. There are many cheeky cats and possums around my neighbourhood and it would be so helpful if I could just reach them.

Do you really meet those bulls with very VERY long horns? I would keep away from them. And what about the alpaca/llama? Goodness! You really live in a very interesting area.

My Typist says she can smell the wisteria. I think she's missing the sun.

Have a great weekend :)

p.s. I won't mention the C-A-T.

Berts Blog said...

For Georgia Little Pea,
Yes, we meet the big cows with the longhorns. These were girl longhorns. I didn't know girls had horns, but these ones had babies so I figured they were girls.

Yes some dogs do climb trees. I tried it that day cause I wanted to play with this dog but I can't do it.

Yes we have llahmas around here to. But they were more shy of me than the longhorns, but just so you know, I stayed on the other side of the pasture when we passed the longhorns.

And last, My Vickie is like your typist, she loves the wisteria smell so much that she planted some at our place. Then she found out that sometimes they take about 10 years before they actually flower.

We were very dissappointed.....

Thanks for askin the question. I'm gonna go to your blog now and tell you I answered you here.

Read ya later


Finn said...

Wow you sure have seen a lot and met a lot of new furry friends!

georgia little pea said...

thank you for answering my questions, Bert. i can be very pesky. haha about your human having to wait 10 years. my human says it might be easier to just go steal some from the walk. isn't she awful?

Sam said...

We will have to try the walking challenge! Great pictures!


Meeka said...

Your life is like a disney story, you are prince charming and the cat is the evil queen.

Catherine said...

Bawhahaha! Not a very 'warm' welcome home is it. Well... what can you do. Sometimes you just have to love the 'grumpy pants' ones a little bit more. ;)

xo Catherine

jen said...

Looks like you have met some pretty interesting friends! Nice!

Thank you for leaving the link to your video! I loved it!

Whisppy said...

I was just enjoying the photos and then.....oh Hahahahaha. I LOVE that second last photo of Mr Grumps! It really had me laughing so hard!

Miss Kodee said...

Welcome to the walking challenge! We are stepping it up too. You have some amazing breathtaking scenery to enjoy on your walks! Enjoy.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We don't know many doggies who can climb trees! What great walkie pictures, Bert!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

KB said...

I've never seen a dog climb a tree. What a cool new friend. Maybe he can teach you how to climb!

I loved the last two of your kitty. What an expression!

Hazelmarie Elliott (Mattie) said...

Great pictures! I have to tell you, I'm quite smitten with Bert - he's a gorgeous charmer.(smile)

Nice meeting you!

Best wishes,

rottrover said...

OMD, Bert!! You live in paradise. Well except for that mad kitteh...

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby