Sunday, August 30, 2009

I think it is very important that I start out this weeks blog with the really good news that Whitney is all done with her surgery and she is good good good. boy it was worrisome this last three months but all is well and she will be coming home from the Mayo Clinic sometime this week. I heard Vickie talking to her mom and was very dissapointed to hear that I would not be visiting her as soon as she gets back. Something about my bad manners and my jumping up to say hi. hmmmm I'm not that bad, am I?
I can't wait to pose for her again. I think she caught all of my good sides in the photo shoot we had just before she went in for heart surgery. course, it isn't hard to get my good side since everyside is good.

I have become the offical Greeter at Canine Country Club. I have been practicing with John and I think I have it down pretty good. What say you? Wouldn't you want to be greeted by me?

KC came to play the other day. He is getting pretty bossy, check out the picture below. He is always talking. "Bert, Get away from my chair" "Bert, Go over there" "Bert, Come Here, Right now" Pretty demanding for a little guy.
Not really, he is just yawning cause he was so tired after we played for an hour.

On Thursday we went out to Ross's place and played search dogs. He has all this land that goes up into the hills below Hill Air Force Base. It was a great place to train, but it was sooooo hot that day.
When I did my problem Grasshoppers kept jumping up into my nose and face and the air was sticky and dry. It was tough to work in the stuff but I did it......Oh yea, and I did it good....

I got to go look for Shantra and she hides really good, but I find BETTER....
I only made one small detour on my search for Shantra and that was because I could not ignore the really rich smelling runny pooh that some critter had left just off Shantras track. I just had to go roll in it......
vickie was not pleased......

After every search, Vickie pulls out my tennis ball and I get to chase after it for about 15 minutes. I love my tennis balls. I sometimes get a little carried away with my excitement. I sometimes can't control myself and I can't wait until Vickie or Shantra in this case, throw the ball.
If they take too long, well, I just leap up into the air, maybe five feet or more upwards and just grab the ball out of their hands. And sometimes, my aim is just a little off and I might accidently body slam who ever is trying to throw the ball.
And sometimes that person, usually Vickie lets out a scream of pain. Whimps.....
Vickie is always cautioning people to be careful..."Watch out, throw it quick" she cries. sometimes too late.

Even when we do our once weekly overnight camping trip, Vickie lets me play ball. I love my tennis balls, love them, love them, LOVE THEM.

I just can't get enough of them. Maybe I went a little too far with my LOVE of my tennis balls toward the end of the week, cause I really slammed Vickie hard at the park Saturday. Once in the face, once on the back of her head and I think the final blow was when I body slammed her bad knee.
She didn't get out and out mad, but she did have a tear or two in her eyes when she informed me that I was Grounded. Grounded, what does that mean?
Well I know what it means now. It means, walking on a leash, no trips to the park off lead, no running and playing for a week and NO TENNIS BALLS until I learn to be more gentle. She took all of my tennis balls and put them away. She makes me sit and wait for treats, she makes me wait until she invites me in the house, she makes me stay on a down stay when company comes. I hate being grounded. I wonder how long this will last.

I miss my tennis balls. This is going to be a really hard lesson for me to learn, but it is going to be just as hard for Vickie cause she will miss my playful and joyous excitement when I see the tennis balls as much as I will miss not playing with them.
I wonder how long it will take for her to break.......
I think odds are in my favor.

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louise curry said...

Bert I love you and Jamie. You make my day