Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part One

Well, it is always busy here at Canine Country Club. Saturday we spent the whole day trying to get the plumbing working and Vickie was not too happy at the end of the day when she had to pay for it.
I didn't mind though cause I got to meet all kinds of new friends. The plumber guy brought his dog along and I showed her all around the place. She was a 9 month old beauty with short brown hair and big brown eyes.
Yep, my life is good.

Earlier in the week Whitney came over and spent the day taking pictures of all of the dogs that were here that day. She really loves her job. She gets right down on the ground and lets us lick her and jump on her while she takes the pictures.

Some of the dogs were sad about being left by their loved ones, but Whitney gave them lots of special time. Talking to them, petting them and telling them to wait a few more days and their families would come back.
She really knows how to treat us animals. We all voted and decided she is another one of the great two legged ones out there.
Vickie is exctied to see all the pictures. After she was through taking pictures of all the dogs here, we got in the truck and went over to the park so I could show her around and to let her get a few pictures of ME.
I mean, after all, I am the best looking guy here...right Vickie?
So I jumped over logs and then swam for her and just in general showed her "MY Coolness"
When we were all finished she did the funniest thing. We were all sitting around the swing just chillen and she started spitting water at me. At first I couldn't figure out if it was raining or not, then I looked at her and stuff was shootin out her mouth.
So I did what any good dog would do......I joined in the game and tried to catch it. check out the video below... what a fun time.
Check out her web site if you ever need pictures for anything.

So all that was pretty fun, but I was really counting on the fact that I had overheard Vickie say Jared, Katie and Garrett were coming for a few days. Garrett.....yahooy Garrett.

Little did I know that I would not be invited along to all the festivities.

They went for long walks, to breakfast at I HOP, to see the goats and new puppy at Richard and Bonnies and, DINOSAUR PARK..... without me......
I had to hear all about it from Vickie. I am pretty upset about this.
the first night they went for a walk with KC. KC got to go and not me......Explain that one.

They went to a park and played on the swings and then went to a little climbing wall that had a slide in it. I bet it was the best time ever.......

The next day they went up to meet Richard, Bonnie, Becky and Bens new puppy and the goats. I'd like to meet the new puppy and I have always liked goats.
Garrett was the star of the day and everyon watched everything he did with oh's and isn't he cute....ya da ya da ya da......

I know this is backwards with the part about Garrett at Dinosaur park first and then the rest but since I wasn't invited, I don't care if it is mixed up. so check out the Video of me and Whitney below, then read Part Two next and if you are confused, well......oh well...I'll do better next time, when I get to go along.
Whitney the Water Spout

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