Sunday, August 9, 2009

We had a great time this week watching the sky's. They are doing a lot of work on our road and kicking up a lot of dust. Plus with all the wildfires the sun has given us quite a show. One day the cloud of dust moved across the sky like a burnt red fog. Vickie spent 20 minutes just trying to get a good shot.

Then there was the day that Michelle the dog came to stay with us. Michelle is the houdini of the four legged kingdom. She can get out of anything. She is here for a week and I am pretty sure that Vickie is going to lose a lot of sleep worrying about her safety.

Right now she is in one of the completely confined kennels with an indoor/outdoor are completely fenced, top and bottom. Why you ask? Well take a look at this picture.

Some how, some way Michelle got on top of the roof. Vickie had to spend the rest of the afternoon making a huge step ladder for her to come down. Michelle is shy of people and won't let anyone near her so Vickie and I sat and watched her for hours just to be sure that the moment she came down we could grab her and put her in a safe place and not run away.
It was really intense......

After that long afternoon, Vickie picked some fresh tomatoes from her garden and fixed her favorite meal. Tomatoes, cottage cheese, Johnny's flavoring, a few pices of cantaloup and topping it all of with a chocolate macadamia nut carmel. It seems to have made her feel a lot better after the Michelle episode.

On Saturday, Vickie, John one, John two, little Joshua, me, Murphy and Paulette all went up into the mountains to train. I got to look for John one all by myself, and I must say that I did pretty good. I started way up the hillside from where I finally found him and we had to go through some pretty dense stuff but every now and then i would get a real good wiff of Johns smell and I just knew I was on the right track.

When I found him he was laying in the forest like he was dead and it spooked me a little bit. I went up to him slowly crouching down ready to run if I had to, but he came alive when I got to him and I realized everything was ok.

We played ball for a while and then I headed to the creek for some cool fresh water.

Then we went over and helped Paulette and Murphy look for John two and Joshua.

Joshua is five years old and I think he is great.....Maybe the greatest five year old I have yet to meet.

He sat up in the woods for almost an hour waiting for us to find him. He was quiet as a mouse and that was pretty hard for him cause he is full of fun energy. But he patiently waited until we got there, then him and me ran through the fields laughing and dancing all the way back to where we started.

It was a great day.....I was pretty tired when we got home so I just fell asleep on the lawn while Vickie pulled out all the little tiny needle like stickers that covered my whole body from some plant that was all over the mountain. It only took her one hour to find all of them. I hear that Paulette had to work on Murhpy for several hours. Those are nasty little things.

later C and I played games running through the house, pretend fighting and just in general having fun. C has been visiting for some time now, her dad is in the hospital and is very sick, so I try really hard to take her mind off the fact that he hasn't come to get her yet.

All the dogs in the day care were in exceptional moods today too. Everyone was having a great time.

I hope your day is good.


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The Hendrys said...

Hi Bert my name is Farrah I think it is a hair thing. My Aunt and Uncle are Gus and Cleo they come to Vickies day care. My Mom said maybe when I get a little older I can come there to and play. I am a Labradoodle and I love to play fetch, I like people espically my Aunt Natalie. So maybe I will get to meet you Bert "The Great Search Dog." someday.