Sunday, August 23, 2009

This week has been all about other dogs and not me. I am a little put out but Vickie says I'll get over it. I mean, I did get to go to Sourdough and I also got to do a demonstration up at Anderson Cove and a really fun evening of training with Murphy at the park.
So I guess I shouldn't complain.
It all started out pretty slow. We just worked around the kennels all day MOnday and Tuesday, but Tuesday night Vickie and I headed up the canyon. she was meeting a wonderful family who she has kept close to since the time Jamie helped find their son DAvid.
They were having a family reunion and had asked Vickie to come up and teach them about Search Dogs. I was so excited until I got there and saw how dissapointed they were that I came and not Jamie. I guess Vickie really should have brought Jamie cause after all, she did help find their son.
After that we went up to Sourdough and that kind of made up for the fact that someone wanted to see Jamie over me.....
vickie got the pictures mixed up so I guess we will come back to the Sourdough overnighter.

As I told you last week, Whitney came by and took some fun pictures of all of the dogs who were there. She is going to put them on the Canine Country Club web site but you get a preview on my page first. So here goes......arent they cute

First we have Kodiak. Will you look at those eyes.

Then there is sweet Mitzi. She looks like such a sweet calm dog here but I'll tell you she can out run even me, and when she chases you and catches up to you, she nips you in the butt. I guess I can give her credit for helping me learn to run so fast.

The ever popular Zeus... He is still my idol

Daisey has been staying with us for almost two weeks. She is getting a little tired as you can see in the picture. Lucky for her, her family gets home soon.

Here is Qantis. She may be small but she is a tough little gal. She has all us bigger dogs lookin over our shoulders when she is out. I don't think she likes us much.

C, me and Scrappy. Come on Vickie, let us out. PLEASE

The ever beautiful, bewitching Cleo....

And Kodiak and Kenai. Pretty good shots, don't ya think. I can't wait until Whitney gets back.
She is out of town for a while but when she gets back, I think I'll let her take some more pictures of me so Vickie can frame them and put them on her wall.

So now we are back to Sourdough where this little squirrel is getting a drink from my water bowl. Well it is really for the moose, but I always take full advantage of it when we go up for the night.

How about this. A doggie Beach.

This next picture is from just one more time that I had to stay home. Tucker was doing a practice test for his search and rescue certification and Vickie said that I would be a distraction. ME, a distraction.....
Anyway, she went up into the mountains without me Saturday. She left a scent article for Tucker to smell, then hiked way back into the hills. Since she knew she could be there for a while she took a scary book to read.
She said it was really nice and peaceful while she waited, but that Tucker found her a lot faster than she had planned so she didn't get to read more than a few chapters. She likes Dean Koontz, especially the book he wrote about a really cleaver Golden Retreiver like me called "Watchers".

Scrappy went to "Anna's" the groomer the other day and got a really short haircut. We all like Anna. Now Scrappy smells pretty......

Well, heres hopin that Vickie has bigger plans for me this week.
PS, I forgot to tell you about the training at the park. It was so cool, because I got to almost meet this amazing big black and white kitty. We were looking for some hidden articles when Murhpy and I heard something in the corn field. We both ran in to check it out, but Vickie and Paulette called us out immediately.
I was dissapointed because I was sure it was something fun in there, but when Vickie calls, I come. At least for the time being. Murhpy on the other hand didn't come quite as quickly and he was able to see the little kitty cat face to face.
There was something different about this kitty though. It had the biggest tail I have ever seen. You see, after Murhpy met up with it, the kitty must have been a little scared cause it turned its back to Murphy, raised its magnificent tail in the air and sprayed something out at him. Then the weirdest thing happened.
All of a sudden the world around all of us was filled with the strongest stinkiest smell I have ever smelled. Now Paulette and Vickie are really hollering at Murhpy to come out. And he did, but right behind him came the big kitty cat.
I swear the first time I saw it I was shocked. Its tail was as big as me. It was like looking at a fan of black. And oh the smell, it was just getting worse and worse.
I didn't realize it at first, but we had made the kitty mad and now it was chasing all of us. It went after Paulette and Murphy first, then because Vickie and I were just standing there looking at all that was going on, it turned and started coming after us.
Well we all just left the area as quick as we could. Now I don't know why everyone was so scared of the kitty cat, but I do know that I don't want to be anywhere that smells like that again.
I think Murhpy had to have a couple of baths that night........

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brian said...

Oh poor Pepe'! You tell that Whitney that she is a fantastic photographer- those pictures are beautiful. and you Vickie are SO busy- I don't know how you do it- it makes me tired just reading about it all (of course it is bedtime right now)- you are amazing! Love ya!