Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now that Boomerang bob is back, I have had to lay down some pretty strict rules for Vickie to follow. Bob is mine and I think every kid, dog, or adult should have at least one thing that is theirs and theirs alone. For me it is Boomerang Bob.

So I have asked Vickie to not let any other dogs play with my buddy Bob. Now I know that means I will have limited contact with him, but at least I can know that no body else can slobber on him or steal him away.

We have committed that Bob will only come out when we are doing something regarding search and rescue. I miss him sometimes cause we haven’t done a lot of training this week but it is still better than knowing some other dog might get at him.

After all there is still Boomerang Betty and Boney Tony. So last week Murphy and I got to meet and do some “Obedience” work in South Ogden by this big park. Vickie and Paulette wanted to “Fine Tune” us before the next trip to see the school children.We walked on lead, off lead, did sits and stays……all very boring….but it seemed to make Vickie and Paulette happy. In the end it was all worth it because when we were done, Murphy and I got to run and play for about half an hour. Vickie brought out Boney Tony as a reward for our hard work and Murph and I ran and chased each other until I just couldn’t do it any longer. (check out the video at the end, I finally gave up and let Murhpy have it.) It was another great day.Later in the week we went to do some demonstrations at some schools in Layton and boy was I surprised when my girlfriend Annie showed up. What a treat. I was gonna get to show her how cool I was and how much all the children liked me. I just knew that would win me points in the “boyfriend” department. I mean, Check Us Out, don't we look good together. Her with her beautiful white coat and sweet beguiling face and Me....Just plain handsome....I did a search problem for those kids that was INCREDIBLE. I sure showed Annie what a great search dog I am. Vickie brought out Boomerang Bob for me as a reward and I was able to show her how I could catch him in the air and how I could drag Vickie all over the room with my tugging power.
Tucker and Murphy were there too and I think they were trying to win her eye too but it was very clear that she only had eyes for me. I mean, she did tease them a little with her charm and wit, she would even sway past them with a shy glance over her shoulder now and again. But I know I have the top spot in her world, at least I think I do.
I may have to lay the law down to Tuck and Murph about it next time I see them. Yes, it is up to her in the long run, but I just want the competition to know that I am the best choice.

I’ll play it cool for now. Hope you enjoy the video's of me, Murphy and Boney Tony. Man that is one tough toy......

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