Friday, April 30, 2010

I was just a relaxing, looking out the window today thinking about how really nice it is that I have so many friends and family. I am one lucky dog. There is never really a day that goes by that I don't get to visit with my friends or do something with loved ones.

I just wanted you to know that sometimes I might be a little bit, "Woe is Me" or "Why don't I get this or that" but in truth, I know I am one very very blessed doggy.

I remember that more and more each day, especially when I realize that there are so many other animals and even children who are not as lucky as me. Betty told me today that she is so glad that Vickie is letting her live here until we find her just the right home. She is also happy when she hears from people who have adopted her pups and it comforts her to know that they are living good lives. And just when we were talking about that Vickie got an email with the picture above of Bettys daughter Aspen. She is one of the lucky ones. She has an exceptional home and loving family.

Then I think of Dizzy. (He is in the picture above this) His owner loves him dearly but has found that he can no longer take care of Dizzy. He has muscular distrophy and so Dizzy has moved in with us until we find him the right home.
Dizzy is only 1 1/2 years old and he is neutered and really fun to be with. I am not sure what breed he is but he has a little or maybe a lot of sharpai in him. So if any of you know of someone who would give him a wonderful home too, please call Vickie. (801)627-2307

WE spent all last weekend adding a new floor to the outside of one of the play areas. It is so pretty. Ellie Mae was a little afraid of it when she came for day care on Monday, but it didn't take her long to try it out. Then she showed all the other dogs how cool it was and now everyone plays and sleeps in the sun while laying on it

Juni and Casper like it the most, so Vickie lets them have it all to themselves in the evening when the day care dogs have gone home. It gets a little slippery when it rains and Dougal likes to run and slide on it. The really nice thing is that it cleans up soooo well. At least that is what Vickies says.

Olivia comes to play with us twice a week. Betty really loves it when she takes time to sit in the recliner.

Jake is here for a week too. He is so big, but what a pussy cat he is. We run and play all the time. In fact, we have played so much and so hard that when Vickie tried to get me to get up and go to the park with her the other day, I was really almost too tired to go.

I am starting to really like "The Egg" thing that we got a while back from Jill. It took me some time and a little bit of learning from Jamie about how to play with it, but I am getting the hang of it and I think it might just be a good time......

Having Jake here is almost like having Syra back for Jamie. She loved Syra. Syra was Jamie's big sis for 12 years and it was really tough on her when Syra died. And probably even tougher when I moved in and started creating havoc.

Murphy came over the other day and went out to work my cadaver problem in the field next door. I had already found them so I didn't mind it when he took a turn. Besides, then Vickie hid the stuff somewhere else and in a few days I get to go look for it again.

The Kelly boys are playing baseball now and I get to go to some of the games. I still have a hard time figuring out why I have to stand in one place for two hours and why I can't go out in the field and help them play, but it works out ok cause I get lots of attention.

Cory is keeping score but he comes out often and plays with me for a few minutes.

And Kathy is always there for me when I get nervous and need to stand up on someone. She understands me. Vickie just makes me get down and sit. Oh that Vickie......

Today we were supposed to give a demonstration for some school kids at the fort but they didn't show up so Vickie decides it is a good time to teach me how to "Leave it". Yeh that is a good one.
she puts food down in front of me and makes me leave it there. Now why would you put food down in front of a guy like me and expect me to not gulp it down? I mean seriously.
But I humored her a few times, but she quickly learned not to turn her back on me cause I could scoop that stuff up so fast she wasn't sure if it was me or the wind.
She says we will have to work on it more.
Tucker and Murphy were both pretty upset with me because once Vickie started making me mind, then they had to sit and be still too. I wasn't too popular.
It was so cool, there was this white robin there. I may have told you about it before but Vickie has been watching this pair of white robins for a few weeks now. Today it came right down where we were and posed for the camera. It was very exciting.

Well, one final shot of me and my buddies Murphy and Tucker. Search Dogs Extrodinair.....
Vickie did a little video of the dogs playing at the doggy day care for you. It isn't the best, but she figures she will get better with time. Seems that this way we won't have to have tons of pictures on my blog page. This way is much cooler.

Have a wonderful week
Love ya


Anonymous said...

I love the white robyn. I never knew there was such a thing

murphigator said...

Oh -- There's the robin. You did get a good photo. Pretty amazing!