Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Yeah, 2011 is finally here. Not sure why I am so excited about it but YEAH....YEAH...YEAH!!

so Firday Night Vickie gets all these little flashy shiney sparkly things out of a bag she brough home. then she calls us all into the office/living room and then she does something that she promised never to do. She made us wear silly hats, and carry funny paper tubes around in our mouths while she took our pictures.

Jamie was NOT happy at all and Macy (in the picture below) just slept through it while all the rest of us took it in stride because, well, its Vickie. Sometimes you just gotta let her be a human, no matter how indignant it may be for us.

It turned out all right though because after the "Photo Shoot" she took them off and put them away. Hopefully never to be seen again. We enjoyed the rest of the day like it was a normal day. Little did we know what was yet to come.

Around 10 pm we were all ready for bed and so each of us found a good spot to sleep through the night and went to sleep. (As you can see, that big Arron made sure to take the WHOLE bed all for himself. Usually we can get three or more on the bed, but not when Arron is here.)
So we are sleeping peacefully when all of a sudden, there is this thunderous crash (Vickies tamborine) and then there are other loud noises as Vickie blows through these little paper tubes. She is jumping up and down screaming
It startled all of us so much that we figured we were being attacked by miscriant villainous creatures from the underworld. (Vickie watches too much Sci Fi channel) Flying from sleep into four legged foot soldiers we ran to the outside to greet them.
To our amazment there was nothing evil out there, nothing out of the normal inside either, other than the way Vickie rudely woke us up to face the NEW YEAR.
You Humans.....Totally Weird.
But it is ok, because while we were sleeping she had gone around and hidden little chunks of Turkey throughout the house and before we went back to sleep we greeted the NEW YEAR with a game of SEEK out the goodies.
A short note, to welcome little Max, who finally got to come to Day Care this week. He and Maximus became fast friends and Vickie had a great time taking pictures of them playing.
So instead of showing you a lot of pictures on the blog page, she made a fun video showing all the stuff that went on this week. The best part of the video is the cute song that goes with it. Vickie was given the coolest CD of songs for us dogs. We love listening to it. Hope you like it too.

But I just had to add this shot of Max meeting Allred. You know it had to happen. And I promise you Max, it will happen again and again.

Allred and Scrappy had a little STARE DOWN this week. Allred Won. Who would have guessed.

And a final note is the good news. Well I think it is good news. Allred went to the doctor again this week to see how he was healing. You might remember that they were talking about amputating his leg because his bones were being eaten away by something, well anyway, after this check up Dr. Doughty was happy to announce that the bones were starting to heal.
Now I know you think I don't like Allred, and well, I dont. But I don't wish him to be hurt either. So yes, this is good news.....

Guess where Vickie and I went this week? The critters look pretty healthy this year and there seems to be plenty of food still available to them. We will keep you posted.
I have a lot of fun things that are going to happen next week so I better go get some rest.
Happy New Year to all of you.

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