Sunday, January 23, 2011


An odd thing occurred to me the other day when it became apparent to me that I am not the only thing of interest in Vickies life. Did you know that she has a journal of her own? I mean, she doesn’t keep it online like me, mostly because Who would be interested in her life without me in it. But she does. She keeps a journal.

Now I wont’ bore you with any of her personal stuff, but I did come across this very interesting entry she made about me and a scout from a demo we did last week. I thought it was worth sharing with you, since of course, I am one of the main characters in her entry.
Dear Future reader (if there are any)

Today Janaury 18th 2011 (just incase I don’t’ keep this in chronological order) Bert, Murphy Paulette and I were invited to a Scout Group to do a demo. There were only 4 scouts around 10 or 11 I think, but all their parents, brothers and sisters, and other ward members came so there was about 30 people there.

Not really a big deal, I just figured we would do the same demo as always. “What to do if you get Lost” “What to take with you” “How to meet dogs you don’t’ know” ect…

When Bert and I got up for our turn I started talking about “How you meet a dog you don’t’ know” I was about to go into the part where I tell the kids how you should never stare a dog in the eyes, when it came to my attention that Bert had moved from his down stay and walked over to one of the scouts, then sat down directly in front of the boy looking straight up into his face.

I continued to talk for a minute and Bert and the scout remained locked in their prospective positions. I decided to use this moment as a teaching example because by now everyone was wondering what the heck was going on between the two of them.

I told the class the part about how we should never stare at a dog in the eye because it made them nervous. I asked the scout how he felt with Bert sitting there, not moving, just staring at him. Bert had still not moved a muscle. The boy answered in a quiet shaky voice “I feel kind of uncomfortable”

Everyone in the group laughed but Bert did not budge, he just kept holding his position never wavering.

I went on with the talk and shortly after I started up again, Bert ever so gently moved up a little closer to the scout, now touching the boys knees with his front legs. Bert’s face never changed its hold on the boys face.

The whole class now is curiously waiting to see what would happen next. I continued talking.

After about another 30 seconds Bert made his first real move as he lifted his right paw up and placed it on the boys left knee. Still in a sitting position with eyes still focused on the boy, Bert then lifted his left paw and gently placed it on the boys right knee.

I kept talking so as not to break the spell. The group kept watching, silent bursts of laughter coming here and there as we watched the poor scout’s eyes as he couldn’t decide if he should get up and run or remain still.

He remained still, perfectly still.

Then Bert lifted his right paw up further and placed it on the boys left chest, still keeping his behind on the floor in a sitting position. Next the left paw up onto the boys right side of his chest.

In my heart of hearts I knew the child would be safe, but I couldn’t help the feeling of fear as I realized should Bert turn crazy at this moment the boys carotid artery was just inches away. I know that is totally irrational but I had never seen Bert so focused on one person in my whole life. Yes, he is obsessively crazy about his toys especially a tennis ball, he can stare unmoving for an hour watching a tennis ball lying on the other side of the fence, but never ever has he been so focused on a child.

As this concern traveled through my mind I dumbfoundedly watched as Bert made his final, gentle, yet purposeful next move.

With his paws on both sides of the young scout’s chest, Bert stretched up as close to the boy’s neck as he could get, still not leaving a sit position. Opened his mouth and tenderly grabbed the bandana wrapped around the boy’s neck. But it was not just the bandana Bert was after; it was the blue ball like part he had used as a tie clip.

Bert firmly held on to the ball/tie clip, slipped down the boy’s bandana, removed his paws from off the boys chest then proudly came to show me the new blue tennis ball that he had acquired.

With relief from me and more so from all the parents and family in attendance, we all laughed and laughed about the stealth which with Bert got his new toy.

Needless to say, after that, the boy gave the ball tie to his father to hide in a pocket and Bert went back to his down stay with a disappointed heart.

So there you go. Vickie may think she has another life, that doesn't involve me, but now we all know. I Am What its All ABout in Her World.

At the kennel this week had lots of buddies stay overnight. It was great fun. Bonnie, who is like the biggest little dog ever. (What I mean is, for a little gal, she can sure be in your face all the time) so like she took over the lazy boy during the night and ruled the house all day. Even Allred stayed out of her way.

Ellie moped around most of the weekend. She really misses her family when they go. Sometimes I don't even know she is here cause she just stays out of the way and looks pathetic. I really don't know how to make her stay here funner. I mean, I usually can give any dog my "lets go play" look and off we go, but Ellie just looks at me, lowers her head and goes into the office and sleeps under the computer.

Molly is still here and she is really fun. She can even handle Daila, who is also staying for the week. You might have noticed them playing in the Video of the week, or check out this video Vickie took outside on Friday. She is there playing to if you can see her through all the quick moving crazy boxers.

It never gets old for me to see all the different breeds of us dogs that play together. Like above, there is Bonnie, Daila and Jimmy Dean. Jimmy Dean......thats an interesting name for a dog, dont' you think? Especially a basset.

The evenings have been pretty beautiful here and we (all us dogs) are really enjoying this great January thaw.

Our new little friend Tucker is especially enjoying it. Like me he LOVES LOVES LOVES Mud and he isn't afraid to share that experience with his loved ones.

At the same time, he can give you that "I am growing in wisdom" look. As I watch little Tucker grow up (mostly in pictures, but soon he will get to come and stay for a couple of weeks) but as I watch him grow up I find myself remembering those days of joy when I, myself would frolick through the muddy swamps then jump into Vickies truck come home and run through the house shaking the joy all over.

Oh Tuck, you have so much to look forward.

So I am off to bed now, and like you, I dream of the exciting week to come. Vickie and I have tons of things planned for the coming week. Some of it is about her, but mostly it will be a trip up the mountains for me, walks, long LONG walks everyday and I get to do my other job a couple of times too.

Night all




murphigator said...

Have I mentioned lately that Bert is a nut -- but a very entertaining nut. That scout may forget what we tried to teach him, but he's not likely to forget the dog who was focused on his jugular! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Well, what is Bert's second job?