Sunday, January 30, 2011

This week we want to dedicate our weekly video to sweet Sammy who has passed on. I will really miss Sammy a whole lot. Never said much but always ruled Allred when staying here.

Now here is something crazy, Did you know that Vickie sang in a bar while she was getting through college. I found that out the other day and also found this old recording of her singing. So what did you think? I was kind of amazed she could sing even a little. She sings all the time around the kennels but I never thought what she did
was concidered real singing.
Murphy Tucker and Me got to go and talk to the kids from Kanesville Elementary this week. It was up at the Environmental Center again and you know how happy that makes me.

The students were great as always and the day was beautiful. It was the perfect Dog Day Outing.

I found someones sock when I first got there and I carried it around with me throughout the demonstration. When it was time to go, no one stepped up to own it so I got to take it home. Actually I had it hidden in my mouth so Vickie did't know I had it until we were half way down the mountain. ha ha I win again.
So this video is just for the kids at Kanesville Elementary.
Thanks from me, Tucker and Murphy for another great great time.

We had a great snow day at the first of the week and as always it brought out the wild dog in all of us. We had such a great time running through the kennels at high speeds, whipping around the buildings and thru the gates. Oh SPEED......

Porter lead the group half the time and I lead it the rest of the time. Me and Porter.....we are FAST FAST FAST

Kya found a stick and played with it for hours. We can't have toys and stuff in the house because Vickie says I eat them and then I have to go back to the vet and she is tired of paying the doctor bills. So No Toys. We have to settle for little sticks. wahoo

So let me introduce you to all the new youngins that are coming to play here lately. Like you already met Max and Tucker and this little guy is Orso.
This is Emily.

ANd this is Tuckers brother Buck

This little guy is Bear and he is looking for a new home. His family is moving and he can't go with them and so he is hoping you will help me help him find a new home.

Bear is 6 months old and is a really good little boy.
Emma also needs a new home. She is so sweet and she is great company.
I just don't understand how anyone could pass up that little face of hers. So help us please. Can you pass my blog around to your friends incase they are in need of either Bear or Emma to come and live with them and bring them light and happiness... You know, the kind of light and happiness I bring to Vickie
So we had some changes here at the kennel. Vickie says this is the LAST time she was gonna pay any money to keep me from eating stuff. First we had to replace the rock yard that she had when I first came to live with her. (You remember how I like ate the rock and it blocked my intestines and I had to go in to the vet and get it taken out). Second she tried real grass. Yeh like that worked. all the traffic and the urine and the running and the digging. NO GRASS. Then we tried the big sand box. Well that was her least favorite. After us dogs would run out and play in the sand then come inside we always brought a pound of sand in with us too. It was like living on a beach in your living room.

So we got this really neat turf. Yes it has big numbers in it, because it came off a football field but used turf was all we could afford and even with the big white 2 and the big with number 4 on the sides, it still looks pretty cool.
If any of you need some turf for your outdoor area's Vickie bought a whole bunch more than we need so ask her about it.

We just love the stuff. It is great to run in and play on and it doesn't hurt our feet like rocks do and well, its the best.......

So Ithink I will sign off now and go outside and take a nap on my new Turf. But before I go, I just want to tell you a little bit of something that kind of bothers me.
I have met and known some really cool dogs that are called Pit Bulls. Betty, oh sweet Betty, Emma (the little girl pictured above who needs a home) Daila, my best pal at the kennel, Ray and Taylor my friends from the puppy party outings that I have.
It is so sad how they are having such a hard time with being accepted by the public so I leave you with this link to a cool video that you may or may not want to pass on to other friends. Just know that all us dogs are really cool and most of the time if we turn out to be angry, scared or mean, it is mostly due to human mistreatment.
So ok, off my high horse I go.
Take care.
See ya soon


keli said...

Thanks for playing Pit Bull Blues for all of us, Bert. We're just a couple of love bugs!


Ray and Tay

murphigator said...

Good grief, you were busy for this one. Finally got to hear what you sounded like at the bars you used to frequent (at least as much as you're willing to reveal!). Sounded great. We need to work a little song by you into the demo's. I'll play the Kazoo and the mutts can howl. Pictures were very good. Condolences to Sammy's family.