Sunday, January 9, 2011

Majestic Elementary

So, like, this has been the best week ever. I mean for 2011. If this is any indication of what the year has instore for me, all I have to say is....BRING IT ON.

I mean, Vickie is taking me on the longest walks every day. She puts these little white things in her ears that are hooked by a long cord to a little tiny box that she carries in her pocket and off we go.

We do it during the lunch break from the kennel and sometimes her lunch break runs for almost two whole hours.

Some of the time we walk what people call "The River Walk" and I get to run down to the water and up to the hillside. I get to run free most of the time, but I always keep a close eye on her cause she is, well, she can get lost pretty easy. We will be walking with me ahead, checking out new smells and then I turn around to check on her and SHE IS NOT THERE.

I have to go back and find her. She is usually standing behind a tree. Just standing there. Its like she forgets to keep walking. She just stands there until I come back and find her. She is kind of different.....

Some of the days we take Jamie along and let her play for about 30 minutes, but that is about all she can handle. Then she goes back and takes a nap in the truck and Vickie and I go walking some more. This is so great.

And then while Vickie is working in the afternoon, my friends, Mehgan, Alex, Aussie, Nathan, Blake and Jennifer come and take me for another hours walk. Wow I am the luckiest dog in the world.

It gets crazy around the house when the day care dogs come so it is always great to be able to get away for a walk, but the greatest part of my week was when I got to go back up to the Environmental Center to teach the kids from Majestic Elementary how to stay safe when camping or hiking.
This is by far my favorite place to go do demo's in the whole world. Vickie and I get to spend the day in the beautiful mountains together. Plus I get to play with my buddies Tucker and Murphy and of course there are always lots and lots of kid........
I have the best life......
So instead of a hundred pictures I have put them on a three minute video for you. Hope you like it. I asked Vickie to download picasa one more time in hopes that we could get the music to work out better. She did and I think it worked.
Also Vickie let me pick the song that goes with it. I love it. I sing it all the time.....

Just in case you didn't notice the "High JumP' I made in the video, here is a still shot for you.
Tucker and I also look pretty handsome in this photo so I figured you should see it again.

And to finish, these two bucks gave us a little show of sparing the other day that I thought you might like too.

Have a great week everyone.
Love Ya

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Anonymous said...

Bert - you're such a goofball!! Love ya!!