Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's a LONG one


OK everyone, Vickie says I can have a "Guess What I Am Doing For A Second Job" Contest.

Here are the rules:

1st. You can't play if you already know. So Jill from Pet Expectations, Paulette Bennett, Ken Seidle, Marion Evans, Vickies mom, sister, Neices and Nephews can't play.

2nd. Send your guesses to with subject title. "What is Bert doing Now"

3rd. The first person who guesses what my new career is will get an incredible gift in the mail as the winner.

4th. We will put a different picture of what I am doing each week until you guess it.

UPDATE Monday Jan 17th.

These are the guesses we have had so far.

Greeter at Retirement Home

Therapy Dog (he already does this)

Searching for Contraband

Bomb Dog

Cancer Detection

Cadaver Dog (he already does that too)

Drug Dog

and my favorite and most disgusting guess is

searching for pee bags of people trying to fake drug urin tests.

Honestly Michelle, where is your mind.......

Nope Nope Nope Nope NOPE

This has turned out to be a really fun contest



1st Place to Erin Olpin of Layton

2nd Place to Eileen Bunn of Idaho

3rd and 4th place was a tie between

Michelle Thompson and Natalie Ryan

Thanks for playing everyone. You all have a lot of confidence in my skills. You guessed I could do some pretty neat stuff.

Well, all except the drugs in the urin one. EEEEYOUYUCK

It will take Vickie a few days to get the surprises together that I have in mind for you so keep an eye on the old mail box. Love ya Bert

So here is the first picture. (Below) Good Luck, and don't hate me when you figure it out.
Now lets get down to the good stuff.

My Life this week.

What a wonderful week it was. Vickie and I must have covered about 10 or 12 miles of the Ogden River Walk over the week. It is so incredibley beautiful, even on the wet muddy sloppy days.

One night early in the week, Vickie woke us all up (the girl needs to learn to sleep through the night) anyway, she woke us all up and we headed outside to play in the snow. I have to say, I am glad she did. It is so cool to go out in the middle of the night and play. It is like a whole different world.

Like I remember this search we went on up in Montpieler a few years ago for a missing child. We searched all through the night and it was so exciting and a little scary. Like part of the night we were searching in this big open area when something made a noise kind of like a snort. It scared the beejeebees out of me. But it ended up being ok cause it was just an old cow.

The really neat thing about it was how quiet and peaceful the world is at 1 or 3 in the morning and Oh MY Gosh, the stars up there were, well it was like looking into the most beautiful sparkle show ever created. Oh and just for your info, the boy was found safe and sound.
Anyways back to our midnight frolick in the snow. It only lasted about half an hour but it was great fun. All except for that silly flash on Vickies camera. It kept blinding us.

Dougal send us some pictures from his trip this week in the west desert. Him and Jon go to the greatest places too. Although, it looks a little cold, even for me.
I mean it is part snow but check out the ice crystals on the sage. Still they had lots of fun.

And here is a Nevada sunset. Thanks Dougal and Jon for sharing.

So we get to have another youngin come and stay with us in a few weeks. Vickie went out to meet him on Saturday and she brought back some pictures.
His name is Tucker and I will generously admit that he is almost, yes I said ALMOST, as cute as I was at his age.

I can't wait to teach him all the fun things about life that I can. He is living with a really nice family and he, like me, gets to go to work every day with them. So he needs to learn some social skills, like....."No Bert, it is NOT ok to jump on company" "No Bert, don't speed up when you are running towards people, it hurts their knees when you try to impact them backwards" and "Yes Bert, your a nice sweet loving boy who lets little kids pet you and pull your hair"

I have a lot of experience with all those things so I can teach Tucker Much.

I am kind of looking forward to Tucker meeting our precious Allred. I can't wait to see how that goes.
Lately Maximus has found Allred quite interesting. Maximus is only 6 months old and already he is taller than me, so I caught him experimenting with his height the other day as he tried to stretch up to the top of Allreds Castle.

He is getting pretty close to loosing a good part of his handsome face. I know I could say something to him like "Dude, what are you doing?" or "Dude, are you suicidal" but what I guess I'll do is just wait and see where it goes....hehehe

I was a little upset with Vickie the other day cause she gave Allred my Christmas Bear. I guess it is because I had already ate part of his foot and Vickie was worried I might swallow more of him and then have to go to the vets again. But come on, giving it to Allred. ALLRED of all the critters I would rather see get my Christmas Bear, it would NOT BE ALLRED.

Golly Gee and "Whats with the tongue thing?"

Kya is still here, I am really liking her. She is mostly just a cuddle dog and she sleeps so cute. And she is great to play "Catch Me" in the snow. I'll miss her when she goes.

Yet another walk along the walkway. This time we went South from Fort Bueneventura. You see a lot more people on that walk. Well, actually we didn't see any people walking but we did come across a couple of encampments with funny smells that made me a bit nervouse. Vickie said we may not go that way again.

The water was so pretty we took a video for you so you could hear it and also see the ice that forms around some of the rocks and on the branches that are close to the water.
Every where we went we saw footprints in the snow. Vickie says these are from a bird, but we saw rabbit and other dog prints and a few human ones too.

On Saturday we started at Fort Bueneventura and headed North along the river. But before we hit the trail we noticed a friend of mine from last year playing at the dog park. I was so excited to see her. So I MADE Vickie take me in so I could say hi.

Thing is, last time I saw her she was about two feet high. Boy has she grown. We ran and played for a while as Vickie visited with the other humans at the dog park. Wow, it was great to see her again.
Then we started our walk north and had a wonderful two hour walk. I got to run off lead so I ran up and down the banks, into the water and back again. i found the most delicious smelling thing to roll in so I rolled and rolled in it.
After I did that, vickie wasn't so excited to have me come and walk by her so I got to play even more. when we were almost back to the truck, even though I was quite ready to go home, Vickie made me swim in the river one more time.
It was great fun, she threw a stick for me until I was quite cold and quite exhausted. Then we went through a big snow covered field and I rolled in the snow one more time. I felt kind of bad because that delicious smell must have washed off while I was swimming in the river, but Vickie seemed a little more willing to have me walk next to her again.
Sunday has just been a wet wet drippy gloomy day and I have loved it. I don't feel guilty at all, just sleeping through a day like this, resting my body and getting it ready for another great week.
ahhhhhh one final yawn and I am off to bed.
love ya, I mean, I really mean it, I love ya love love. thats what it is all about.....

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