Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another grand week for me. Vickie was pretty busy most of the week and we didn’t get to go to the park until Friday but we did get to go to Bear Lake. I remember that from last summer and so when I saw it, I could barely contain myself.

Last summer we went to train for water and it was my first time at this beautiful place. The water is cold and fresh and I spent my whole day in it, so when I saw it as we drove over the top of the mountain and looked down, I was delighted. (I like the word delighted. Don’t you? It is such a great word, just saying it gives me a tingle in my belly. Not the bad tingle that I get after I have eaten a rock, but a good tingle, like when I see Vickie reach for my ball thrower)

Anyway, I was all excited, planning my day in the water but when we pulled to a stop I could tell that this was not a “play in the water” day. It was another one of those demonstrations. I should have known it was an “Official Day” cause we were riding with Murhpy and Paulette. She has a nice car and Vickie gets nervous about me getting it all muddy and wet.

So here we come, walking up past this big yellow bus, when all of a sudden I see kids come running towards me from everywhere. Maybe I wouldn’t be able to talk Vickie in to letting me go play in the water, but there was no question that she would let me have all these kids to play with.

Wahoo……Off me and Murphy went, running and jumping and showing off how fast we were. All the kids were having fun too. It was great. Paulette threw the ball for a bit, then kids got to play hide and seek with me.

After Murphy and I got a little tired from all the running and playing, Vickie and Paulette sat with the kids and taught them how to use a compass. They were all walking around in circles like a bunch of confused birds. It was kind of funny.

Then they all had lunch and after that, Vickie and Paulette taught them how to stay safe if they ever get lost. I got to show them how cool I was again when one of the kids ran off and hid behind a tree. It was a no brainer for me to find him, but they thought I was the smartest, fastest dog in the world when I took off to find him.

Later we all piled back in the car and Paulette drove back home. I slept most of the way and I must have been more tired than I thought because I slept all day Friday too, well almost all of Friday.

We had yet another demonstration at Fort Bueneventura. You know, the ones I told you about last week. It was ok though. While Vickie was talking, Paulette threw me a ball to chew on. I had it almost chewed up before Vickie saw what I was doing and took it away. Man she is a worry wart.

After the demo Vickie and I went home, picked up Tristy and Jamie and went to another park. It was really cool because the irrigation water was running and it was like playing in a grassy lake. Tristy and Jamie were running and playing like puppies. Check out one of the two videos below....

That Tristy is doing really well these days. She has a cheerful smile and a glint in her eyes. I think she is happy living with us. I hope so, but I hope Vickie doesnt' bring anymore dogs to live with us. The house is way to small.......

Today (Saturday) we just spent hanging around the house. I didn’t mind cause I am still tired. Vickie worked hard in the kennels with the guests; scooping, getting fresh water and making them feel at home. I wanted to go out and play with them too but Vickie won’t let me anymore. She says “Bert if I have told you once, I have told you a hundred times….Don’t eat the rocks” but I thought she was joking.

Well as you know, I got sick last week and I didn’t feel better until after I pooped out a big old rock that I had eaten one day while I was out playing with the other dogs. So now I am banned from the big play area. That really stinks……But I guess she makes up for it with all the fun activities we do in the mountains and at the lakes.

It is probably a good idea anyway. I mean, I know I am not supposed to eat them but they are just so darn tasty. Eating rocks to me is like eating chocolate to Vickie. Only difference is that no body can keep Vickie out of the candy section of the store, like she keeps me out of the rock section of Canine Country Club.

Well, nighty night everyone. (I heard one of Vickie’s friends say that)

Oh yah, here is a fun video Vickie took today when she was working. She says she has the best job in the world. I think she is right. How cool would it be to spend your day with four legged bundles of love like us. The best video with the dogs playing in the water would not download so we settled for this one.

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