Tuesday, May 12, 2009

just for the fun of it

WE mowed the lawn again. Thank goodness Vickie has me to make sure the grass is cut to the right length. It is important that she cut it just right. You know. Roll worthy......
I think green is a very good color for me, Don't You?
After we mowed, we planted flowers, well Vickie planted flowers. She said that I had to wait outside the dirt area where she was planting because she was afraid that if I rolled in the dirt I would rub off all the green.
Or maybe she was afraid I would smash her flowers......
Scrappy and I got to play "Bert Bounce" again. Scrappy pretends he is irritated but I know he loves it.


jared said...

You're a funny dog. You should watch the trailers to "UP" by pixar, they have a dog that kind of reminds me of you.

Anonymous said...

Just watched this...OMG thank you. Bill and I are still laughing.

Can I send this to the Bonnie Hunt show?

louise curry said...

Bert you must go on U TUBE. I think you would get so many hits they wouldn't be able to keep up with it. Do you ever give up and realize you are being ignored???