Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sure has been a heck of a week for me, I gotta say. I haven’t stopped for a minute and I guess it all caught up to me Today because I am SOOOOOOOoooooooo Sick……I feel really crumby. My stomach hurts and I think I have a headache. Not really sure what that is but if it is something painful then I am feeling it.

Me, Murphy and Tucker have been doing lots and lots of demonstrations for the schools over at Fort Bueneventura. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but even the coolest things can get a little too much for a boy like me.

I love the kids though, so I am not going to tell Vickie that I get tired of doing it sometimes for fear she stops taking me along. I have been doing my best to be really good during the talking part, but I do have a hard time waiting for my turn to show off. When they are ready for me and the kids try and hide, I get to go looking for them and they have not been able to fool me yet, because, “You guessed it”


Wednesday morning we went to the dog park. Tristy and Jamie came along and Jamie and I ran and chased the ball for an hour. Tristy found a friend and followed her around all the time. Tristy really wants a family of her own, with kids who will lay on her and pet her and just spend time with her.

Wednesday night is my Canine Good Citizen class and I am pretty sure I am the teachers pet….(haha) It is kind of neat to be able to go to the store with Vickie. I just wish she would acknowledge some of my choices for purchase. Every time I pick out a toy or some tasty food, she just takes it away and puts it back on the shelf.

I behave so good in class you would think I would deserve to pick out a toy. I really have my eye on this piggy toy that stands at the end of the isle by the training center. I grab one every time we walk by the stand. I figure a few more grabs and Vickie will get the idea…..

This week Vickie stayed after class and watched as Tonia fed some baby birds that had been rescued. I was amazed at the little things. All they did was stretch their necks for food and tweet, tweet tweet.

Tonia says that there was a place in Ogden called the Ogden Nature Center that used to help out little creatures who had been abandoned by their parents. They would take them in and nurse them back to health. There were baby deers, ducks, little birds and even owls and eagles.

However, Ogden city has decided that they weren’t making any money off the rescue and so they have closed it down. Now who will help the little babies?

There are a few wonderful people like Tonia who try to help as much as possible, but there are so many little homeless ones. People like Tonia are trying to build a place where they can take care of the babies and are trying to get a non-profit rating but in the mean time, they are needing help.

I told Vickie that I would like to help, so instead of buying me treats and fun things, I want her to use the money to help out the critters. In fact, I think I will even go without my piggy dreams and ask Vickie to give them the money for that to help

Friday was my birthday. Vickie said that “Friday is all about me”. She took me to the dog park in the morning. I met lots of fun dogs there. KC and Vickies mom came, but I am not allowed around KC’s mom because on Wednesday I knocked her down. Now Vickie makes me play on the other side of the park. KC chases bubbles and Scrappy picked up a girlfriend. I love the park.

Then around 3 John came over and we all piled in the truck and headed up the mountain. I was pretty tired by then, but still open to a fun time. We got to that place that Vickie and I went to last week where I had to ride on the big red monster machine. I had a bad feeling about what was to come. Sure enough, this time Vickie put me on the back of the green machine and we headed up the mountain.

It wasn’t as bad as riding on the red one. I had a lot more room and Vickie had set up a different kind of box for me to sit in. It seemed a bit more comfortable. Once we made it up to the top of the mountain, which by the way was a llllllooooonnnnggg, really long trip, Vickie and I got out and hiked down a trail to a place where there was this spring and a big pond.

John met us down there and we all played “throw the rock into the water” for Bert…… It was great fun. The more I played in the spring the muddier the water got and pretty soon, it was just right………Man I love Mud.

After a while of playing, Vickie and I hiked back up the trail to the big green machine and headed up to the main road to meet up with John. It was really pretty up there as the spring flowers were just peaking out of the dirt. John and Vickie stopped a lot to take pictures.

John really gets into it…..He wants just the right angle so he is crawling around in the dirt trying to get the right shot. I guess that’s why I like him so much. He likes the mud just like me. By the time we were done, I was completely exhausted….Really done in….TIRED……. I slept all the way home, came in the house, had a little dinner then slept through the rest of the night. What a great birthday….Who could ask for more. I would have been quite content to just lay around all day Saturday, I mean, I had had such a busy week. I deserved a quiet time, but oh no, that is not what Vickie had in mind.

First thing Saturday morning she piles me in the truck again and off we go to the mountains. This time I was pretty excited because my friend Erin came along with us. When we got up to Snow Basin, Ranger, Tucker and Murphy were waiting AND Lacy. Lacy was there too. Lacy is beautiful and all of us guys have a crush on her. WE don’t see here near enough cause she lives in Rock Springs Wyoming. That is such a long ways away. But her friend Joyce always drives down to play with us and we all love her so much for all the time she drives so we can play together. The fun started right away and I got to go look for Joyce. She hid really good, but not good enough. After 20 minutes of searching I came across her track and TA-DAH Finished. Found. Its all over cause I AM THE BEST….well you know the rest.

After the hide and seek games we did some obedience. Vickie had all us dogs doing a sit-stay and our handlers (our humans) left us sitting by ourselves. Then the weirdest think happened. Vickie had Jen and Erin run past us screaming and acting all spazzy. They were testing us to see if we would get spooked and break our sit-stays’ but truth is, all of us dogs were just laughing our heads off at Erin and Jen cause they were so silly. But a bad thing happened while Jen was running. Her shoelace came undone and she tripped over it and fell.


t was a pretty bad fall and she was pretty banged up. But she just laughed as everyone got their first aid kits and started bandaging her up. She has bandages on her elbows, her hands and her shoulder. She didn’t cry at all. Jen is the bravest person I know. We were all having so much fun and working so hard, that I didn’t notice that I was starting to feel a little sick to my stomach. Pretty soon, I was vomiting little bits of fluid and feeling pretty low. I could tell Vickie was getting a little worried but we kept working. We were about finished with some obedience drills (That I did wonderfully on by the way) when my tummy started kicking at my sides, I started gagging and then suddenly I started throwing up again only this time, I think everything in my stomach came out. I mean every bit of fluid, food, grass, everything. You should have seen the looks I got from everyone especially Vickie. “that’s it” she said, “We are out of here” and she took me to the truck, helped me in and home we came. Since we got home she has been watching me like a hawk. She even came running over when I pooped. Now what can be so interesting about my poop? Oh yea, maybe it was the big rock that came out. I guess that could be of interest. She was a little upset with me that I am still eating rocks. But I gotta say, I feel a lot better now. I ate my dinner, drank lots of water and now I am going to bed. I am glad tomorrow is Sunday….I’m done…..I need a day of rest. Night all Love Bert


katie said...

Wow you've been really really busy.

Erin said...

Bert take it easy. You were the sickest dog ever and had the biggest rock in your pooh. You are one little stinker!

Get Well Soon.

The Ryans said...

Happy belated birthday Bert it sounds like you've had a terrific week except for pooping the rock. Hope you're feeling better.
gus & cleo