Friday, May 29, 2009

As an official One Year Old, my opinion of “Life” is getting better and better. Daily swims in the lake, lots of dogs coming to visit me, and occasionally a human. (Vickie is pretty cautious about letting humans come into my domain here at the country club. She says I need to learn how to greet a little better before I can have total access to the two legged variety.) Well except for the kids I get to play with at the park and after demonstrations.

Like today, (Friday) I was doing a demonstration all by myself cause Tucker and Murphy were out of town. I had a bunch of kids from ages 1 to 13 at my disposal and I took total advantage of it.

Before the kids arrived, Vickie played ball with me for a while, she said it was so that I would tire out a little before the kids got here. I can live with that……Fun Fun Fun.

When the kids came, I entertained them as only I can. Believe it or not (Vickie’s mom). I sat when I was told to and I didn’t jump or knock down anyone. No not one soul. Well except for Vickie.

After the demonstration all the kids wanted to pet me so I let them do that. You know, what ever makes you happy. Then while Vickie was talking to some of them, I went over and rolled in a really juicy dead slimy moldy fish. After I enjoyed that for a moment I resumed my position next to the children.

I couldn’t believe it when all of the kids who had only moments ago been clamoring to be close to me and pet on and love me, where now running in all directions holding their noses. It wasn’t until Vickie had thrown my ball in the lake two times before any of them would come back.

Of course then, everyone wanted to throw the ball for me and before all the kids were through, I was totally exhausted.

I came home and slept for an hour. Vickie even took a break and sat with me while I napped at one time.

Yesterday she went up to sourdough with out me. At first I was very upset but then she told me that it was just a quick trip and that I wouldn’t have been able to play much. She showed me pictures of our fancy new (really old, but new to us) little house we get to stay in when we go up to the mountains from now on. I like it. I have my own bed and so does Jamie.

Scott and Bruce brought their big truck up and pulled it all the way up the steep mountainside, then with some help from John they leveled it out and “voila” HOME SWEET HOME…. I can’t wait to go spend the night. I just hope Vickie can pull herself away from the country club a few times this year to go.

Thank goodness she has Judy who will work for her when we go.

Anyway, she tells me that they got all done setting up the trailer and it was getting late so they took a quick tour of sourdough then started down. That is when Vickie remembered she hadn’t locked the door, so she headed back up to fix that.

All the time she was there, they had only seen some deer. beautiful deer but no sign of a moose. While Scott, Bruce and John headed out, Vickie went back to lock up and much to her excitement she came across “The Twins” They were born last year in June. A brother and sister.

Vickie say’s that their mom brought them by her place at least once or twice a week through the summer, but later in the fall, they hadn’t come by at all. Vickie was worried that they had gotten hurt or sick or maybe even taken to Colorado. That’s what they are doing with all our moose you know…..taking them to Colorado and in exchange for us giving them our beautiful majestic moose, we get turkey’s. That’s right TURKEY’.

What a fair exchange that is….even I have to wonder in the wisdom of that decision…..

Anyway, she was so excited. It was getting late so she didn’t get really good pictures, but she did get a few. I could even see the antlers growing on the boy. Do you know that I am as old as those moose. I might even be a month or two older. I’m like their older cousin…… cooooool.

We have two new members to the family. Distant family, but family. First there is Elizabetsh frog. She and Brian, Callie and Scott all live in New Hampshire and the frog has been staying at Grandmas house for a few years. Now he has come to stay with us until Elizabeths mom and dad (Vickies sister and brother in law) go up to visit them in a few weeks. In the mean time, I am having a contest with the frog to see who is the most green.......

Now Froggy is always green and I have to wait until Vickie mows the lawn, but lucky for me, the lawn was mowed again today......wahoo, look at the competition now Mr. Froggy.

And surprise of surpises. the woman who is responsible for my living with Vickie..."Aunt Gwila" finally got a friend too. Her name is Pepsi and you will be seeing a lot more of her in the future. Right now she is too small and too young to hang with me (according to Vickie) but someday soon......and I can't wait to meet her.

Vickie took some more videos for you if you want to look. There is a really neat one of me….I am playing with my hanging tire. You know, the other day I was playing with it and I had it in my mouth pulling and stretching it as far as I could, then I fell asleep. Yep, I fell asleep hanging on to that old tire. Vickie thought it was pretty funny. She said I looked like a statue.

And then there is a video that I like to call “A visit to the watering hole” It is like, if you were in Africa and you came across this watering hole with lots of wild animals coming in and out for a drink. If you look careful you can even watch Cleo pee in the pool….Now who pee’s in a pool? I mean if your going to pee in a pool, don’t do it while the camera is rolling.

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johndeb said...

Hey Bert, Can't wait to come and see you. What a life you have. Deb won't let me swim in the canal anymore because there is lots of gunk in it and I smell bad when I come home. I got Corbon to hand feed me. It's great having the humans wrapped around my paws. I may even pass dog school this time if I'm in a good mood and they give me some decent dog treats. See you next Friday. The Bear