Thursday, May 7, 2009

a whole lot of fun

Did you know I am a lap dog. Yep, when ever I am nervous or confused, I am so glad that I have Vickies lap to jump up into. We were doing this demonstration this week and I still get a little shy when there are people around. Thank goodness Vickie has a big lap for me.....

Well there is nothing like going to the park. Vickie has been really good about taking me almost every weekday. Lots of times we go to the South Ogden Park and meet with Vickies mom and KC and sometimes Murphy and Paulette meet us.

The first of the week was Abby and Tristy's day to come with us. Tristy is doing so good. She is running and playing now with me and the other dogs and has lost 25 pounds. Now I am not sure what that means, but Vickie says it is really good.

Abby runs up through the trees and checks out all the smells. She is so happy to be able to come, she actually jumps in the truck now and Vickie doesnt have to carry her and force her in. I get to play ball and run till I could just drop from joy. It is sooo great.

I just started my "Canine Good Citizen" course. I was so excited to see my favorite trainer in the whole world again. Tonia has helped Vickie learn how to be a better human in our relationship and I can't thank Tonia enough. Vickie is starting to understand me better now and I think it is all because of Tonia. Tonia Tonia Tonia......I LOVE she has the best treats ever......

There were a lot of fun new friends for me to meet in this class and Vickie was able to take a picture of two of them for you. Oh yea and Tucker is in the class too. How fun is that.

Anyway the big guy is Giovani......I was a little shocked when I first saw him, I mean his head is bigger than two of my heads put together. And oh does he slobber. His people bring along their own towels to class just to catch all the slobbery goo that comes from his mouth. He is pretty cool.

Then there is Chyanne. She is older but wow she is a knock out isn't she. She doesnt have much to do with the rest of us, but I got to walk behind her a few times and she just sways across the floor like an angel. It is almost like her paws don't touch the ground, her walk is so smooth. If I were only older, or she were younger, but Vickie says the spring and winter romances rarely work out.....

Back again to the park we go, meeting KC and Vickies mom. I don't understand this KC thing. I was watching him jumping in the air and running through the grass biting at the air like a crazy thing. When I got closer I could see that there were these beautiful bubbles flying with the breeze and that was what KC was chasing. I tried to get into the game, but it just didn't make sense to me, plus every time I snapped at one of the bubbles, they would dissappear but not without leaving a funny taste in my mouth. I guess I'll go back to chasing the real deal....

These are pictures of Belle and Izzy No No. Yep thats her name. Izzy No No. She is the white one. I wan't sure if they were dogs or not cause they look so darned different, but whether they is or whether they ain't they were still fun.

Just for the fun of it, here are a few Canine Country Club videos you might like to watch and a short one of Tristy exercising. It may not seem like much but it really is momentous.

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