Sunday, May 3, 2009

Friday morning Erin came to play all day with me and Vickie. Since we couldn’t all leave the kennel until 10 am, Vickie let Erin take me for a long walk. We explored some fun places and Erin was very patient with me. I walked really good for her too. WE had the leash that lets me wander ahead from her but I mostly stayed at her side cause I like her so much.

When she brought me back Vickie asked her to take Tristy for a long walk too. I hate sharing my Erin with other dogs but Tristy does need the exercise. It was raining just a little and Erin got kind of wet on the walk with Tristy, she also walked Gus after Tristy.

She is a good friend and I like it when she comes to visit.

At ten o’clock we all got into the truck and headed to the park. I heard Vickie say that she needed to wear me out for the day. Cool…..I like it when she thinks that.

When we got to the park Erin and Vickie left me by the truck and Erin took off through the park in an effort to hide from me. You know, the search and rescue training.
Ha ha

She must have wandered through the park for 10 minutes trying to confuse me then she hid in the playground under a big blue tire.

When Vickie called me and told me to “Find Erin” I think she thought it would take me a long time to travel all over the park following the track that Erin left but I surprised them both and headed right too the play ground and found Erin…

Surprise, I didn’t need to follow the track. The wind had changed direction and sent Erins smell directly to my nose. “You can’t trick THE BEST SEARCH DOG IN THE WORLD”

When will they ever learn.

WE played ball after that with this very cool ball thrower. It makes the ball go really far and then I can run at my highest speed. It is almost like flying when I run. I bet people really enjoy watching me run. Although after watching Mine That Bird run in the Kentucky Derby this morning, I may not be the most impressive runner in the world and I probably wont win Vickie millions of dollars either, but I HAVE FUN flying through the grass at mock speed.

After that they dropped me off home and went to Vickie’s mother’s house. While Vickie and her mom played on the computer Erin took KC for a walk. I think between all of us dogs, especially me, we walked Erin’s feet off. She may have been too tired to walk her own friend Jessie.

Then Vickie and Erin went to lunch and met Jill from Pet Expectations. Vickie told me that one day I could go to Jill’s house and play with her chickens. I have seen pictures of her chickens and exotic birds and I am very excited. They look like they could be a lot of fun. Not only does she have chickens and parrots and other birds but she has a pony, dogs and goats. I can hardly wait….

Well, I guess that is all for now. Tomorrow is Sunday, a totally boring day for us dogs, but a full day for Vickie, so before I let her go to sleep tonight, I am going to make her take me for a long walk.

I have figured out that if I start chewing on the sheet that covers the furniture, she will immediately take me out somewhere to wear me out so I am heading in to the living room now. She is sooooo easy..


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Erin said...

Oh My Gosh Bert I can't believe how adorable you look when you pose for the camera/ Vickie! You are one cute dog! You know what for once I think you are pretty well behaved minus the bad things you do. Love ya Bert so much!! Love ya Vickie! You are one great, awesome, wonderful, you name it (Good stuff!!) that is what you are Vick!!!

Shout out to Vickie's mom and KC! Just wanted to let you know that I sad HI!!! And that KC is one cute and funny dog!