Monday, August 27, 2012

My Vickie is back, but with some bad rattlesnake news.

Oh things just keep getting worse in our area so we have one more warning to go out to all of our friends in Northern Utah or in areas that have that nasty old Rattlesnake,  particularly the Great Western Rattler.

First know, that Dougal is doing well.  He still has a long ways to go to be all better, months of medical care, lots of love and a low activity schedule.

This is Dougal (the Red Golden) with his buddy and neighbor Luke.  (He looks a little like me, doesn't he.)

Dougals human sent this note and photo to us as another reminder.   Please all you humans and all my pals out there.   Be very very careful.....Talk to your vet about the Snake Bite vaccine....and be safe.


My next door neighbor's dog just passed away this afternoon from a  rattlesnake bite right up on the shoreline trail here in Ogden. Not too far from the 9th street trailhead (just up from my house).

This was about a 100lb golden retriever. He was bit this afternoon and they got him to the vet probably in an hour or so afterwards. Being he was a larger dog, he had to walk back to the car, thus spreading the venom through his system more. He died at the vet shortly there after. He was not on the vaccine.

It is worth another warning to all of your friends and customers. This is a crazy season...too many instances. Please ask everyone to be careful. And suggest the vaccine. And if bit, do everything possible to not make the dog exert itself afterward. Keep it as immobile as possible.

This is just a post to help us all be aware so My Vickie is turning off the comments for tonight.  But I have some fun news that is coming tomorrow and a CONTEST.  

So BE CAREFUL and we will see you all tomorrow.

And I just want to send a special thanks to Michelle and Goose for taking such good care of my while My Vickie was gone.