Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sweethearts and Good Friends

It is a miracle, and one that I KNOW will not last, but one that I figured I should share with everyone.  What is the miracle, you ask?
Well it is Allred, I mean I think it is Allred. 
It looks like Allred, Smells like Allred, yet
There is something amazingly different.
For the last few days he has been gone somewhere, but when he came back.....
You heard me.....

Clearly we have Miss Nellie to thank for this.  Oh Miss Nellie, how we all worship the ground you walk on.  Because now it is ground we can walk on too, without fear of having it open up into the deepest fiery pits of Hell.
You have made him NICE.

Amazing how different the guy is when he has a Sweetheart like you.

Now we all know I have a sweetheart too.  My little Bird of Paradise, The Lovely Charlotte.  But I also have a really cool Human friend.  You all know her as Goose's Human Michelle.

This woman can throw a ball like none other and boy do I take advantage of that.

And little Murphy is learning how to play ball with me and Michelle too.  Check out that jump.  Even I was impressed. 
Goose's Human Michelle also has the most biggest garden ever and she grows all kinds of fruits and vegetables that she shares with everyone.  Even me and My Vickie. l So check out the cool carrots she brought over the other day.  not only do we get carrots, corn, onions etc.....but we get them in cool designs. 

We have sure needed good friends around us lately because last week we all had to say good bye to our Sweet Jamie.  My Vickie hasn't been able to talk about it but she thinks she might be ready to do a post about her tomorrow.
Well anyway she thinks she might be able to but just putting in this last picture was pretty hard, so we shall see.