Monday, January 26, 2009

Aunt Gwila & Judy

The drive to my new home was pretty nice. Vickie has the truck fixed up so I can lay right behind her but up high enough to see out the window. I curled up next to her neck and went to sleep. It had been a busy morning. That was the first and last time for months that I enjoyed driving. (From this point on I find that I get car sick. Oh so sick. Oh so very very sick.)

On the drive home, Vickie was hard at work trying to think of a new name for me. She had told Aunt Gwila to think of names too. Between them, they hoped to come up with the perfect name.

My Fathers name is Prince Maxwell Charming and moms name is Princess Goldilocks XIII. Aunt Gwila wanted me to have a name befitting my progenitors. A long line of grand pedigree. By the time we got to my new home she had called with her new choice.

I overheard them on the phone and the conversation went something like ths.

Aunt Gwila: "Vickie I have the perfect name for him."

Vickie: "I have had a few thoughts too. But lets here your first."

Aunt Gwila: "I think he should have a royal name. Something befitting of the life he will lead as a search and rescue dog and all the other good things you are planning to do with him. I think he should be called....Prince Charles Charming....

Vickie was quiet for a moment....

Vickie: "Well Aunt Gwila, that is a wonderful name, but don't you think you would rather save that name for your own dog one day?" (Vickie was pictureing herself out in the field on a search for a missing person calling out "Prince Charles, Prince Charles. Do you have something?" It was a little bit of an emberassing thought.....

Aunt Gwila: Well what do you want to call him?"

Vickie: "BERT"

Aunt Gwila: "BERT" "How awful, what are you thinking?"

Aunt Gwila was not pleased.

Later in the week, my new friend Judy D'Hults was at the house visiting when she came up with a great solution.

Judy: "I've got it, why not name him "Prince Albert" then your aunt can have the royalty and you can call him Bert for short."

It was the perfect solution and that is how I got my name. Thanks Judy

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