Thursday, January 29, 2009

Springer Spaniel Day

Boy am I exhausted. You would not beleive how many dogs came to Doggy Day Care Thursday. It was great fun, but whoo!!! I am tired. Vickie let me play with all of them for a bit, but she never took her eyes off of me. I think she is still watching to see that I don't eat rocks, but there was so much going on, I never even had time to look at rocks let alone taste one.

We always have a lot of fun dogs of every breed you can imagine. It is a real diverse (big word for a young dog eh) group. Shepherds, Huskies, Labs, Boxers, Hounds of various types....on and on. The interesting thing for Thursday was that we were crazy with Springer Spaniels.

My friend Cooper (they guy in the back of this picture) came to play and to his surprise his mom, brother and two sisters were also here. Sadie, Rocky, Weiner and Theodore. Yep, Theodore....and you thought Bert was a hard name to live with.

It was like a little family reunion for Coop. He was very excited. He even ignored me and played with his sister Weiner for most of the time I was out. Oh well, I guess I can forgive him for that since he hasn't seen her for four months.

Not to be ignored were Padi and Faith, also Springer Spaniels. It was like a black, brown and white colorfest. They all move so fast it was like watching a spinning wheel. Everyone joined in the fun as we all ran from one end of the place to the other.

Kodiak wanted to come play but he and Kenai were in a different play area so we just ran along the fence with them, back and forth at lightning speeds. It was great.

Don't you think he has spooky eyes? Sometimes when Kodiak looks at me (like in this picture) I wonder what is going on in there. He reminds me of a story Vickie used to tell me when I was young about a wolf and a little girl in a red cape.

Cody and Aussie were a little overwhelmed by all of the crazy running. They always had a kind of surprised look on their faces as we would spin around and out of reach. It was a great great day.


The Ryans said...

If I were a dog I would LOVE to spend my days at Canine Country Club but, since I am not I am sooo glad Cleo & Gus get to. :)

The Hendrys said...

Vickie you just need to write a Childrens book and get rich!! One for the adult dog lover would hurt. I do so look forward to your blogs.

The Hendrys said...

Whoops, the was supposed to say "one for the Adult dog lovers wouldn't hurt. Sorry typo.

Kodiak & Kenai's Mom said...

Vickie, please tell Bert that Kodiak has assured me that he wouldn't hurt a hair on Bert's head.

louise curry said...

Well, I notice when you mentioned all the fun dogs that come to play with you at Canine Country Club, you left out the finest breed of all...Which one would that be?? King Charles Cavaliers, of course, are not your regular run of the mill dog, so in order not to make the mistake again I will send your owner a picture of me....KC that stands for King Canute..