Tuesday, January 27, 2009

From Down Here

When I first came to live with Vickie and the crew, I found that I had landed in "Doggy Heaven". She runs a little place called Canine Country Club. I had no idea what that would or could mean to me, but I found out quickly.

After the first evening of meeting Abby, Scrappy and precious Jamie (I'll tell you more about her later) I settled in for a good nights rest with only two trips out to the bathroom. (I am a very good dog because I learned how to work that doggy door on my third day, so I could go in and out without help from Vickie. She told me that really made her happy.)

Anyway, the next morning I got up early with all of them and began what I found to be the morning ritual of feeding. I got to eat first, which is a good thing because I was famished. It is odd when you have to wait for a human to deliver your food to you. Mom was always there with food, almost 24/7. Vickie only fed me three times a day and as far as I was concerned it wasn't enough.

But, I solved that problem because the cat and the other dogs left little snacks around for me all the time. Vickie would try to get to them first with that big metal scooper she had, but I am pretty fast and pretty tricky so I as able to get plenty to keep me alive. I still have a few tasties now and again. What I don't understand is how Vickie won't have anything to do with me after I have snacked. She walks around making this strange noise. "Uuugh, ohhhh, iiiicccckkkkyyy dog" pushing me away from her face, when all I want to do is give her a big face lick to tell her how much I love her. Strange woman.

Anyway, after breakfast for me, we go out and feed all the other dogs that have spent the night. That is kind of fun because if I follow her close enough, reminding her that I am there, she often gives me a bit of food from some of the other dogs food bowls. Once, I came around the corner of the building too fast and surprised her. I jumped up to say "Surprise" and yippee, she dropped a whole bowl of food right before my feet.

Next part of the day is really fun. That is when all the dogs that come to play for the day come. I get so excited to see them. I can greet most of them through the fence as they run by but sometimes Vickie would let me go in with them and meet them In Person.....

The first day care dog I ever met was Zeus......I love Zeus.... I will always love and idolize Zeus. He was the biggest blackest coolest guy ever. He even took me under his wing the first little while and would teach me the ropes. You know, how to get along with the other dogs, how to meet and greet. Things like that.

Once in a while, they would even take me with Zeus on his walks to the Park. Oh those were my favorite times. He would stand over me, looking out over the water. I felt like he was the Indian Cheif and I was one of his warriors to be. We would conquer the world together. Me and Zeus.

Each day I run to the fence excitedly hoping to get to spend time with Zeus. I will always love him, but one day I was surprised to find that there was at least one dog in the world bigger than Zeus. Oliver.....

Oliver only comes up to stay with us when his family leaves town. He can't stay out in any of the other buildings with the other dogs because there isn't a dog door big enough for him to go through. I hear Vickie call him a horse all the time. I wasn't sure what a horse was until just recently, and I have to agree with her. Oliver is as big as a horse. He fills the house with his presence. And he slobbers all the time. I'll be getting a drink out of the fountain and all of a sudden a big ole glob of white gooey stuff comes running down my head past my ears and over my shoulder. Some of it flips into my eyes. Come On......Even I don't care for slobber on my face.
ooooooeeeee yukkkk When Oliver comes through the house in one of his playful moods, all of us run for cover. Even Vickie.
Once, I saw Vickie tell Oliver that she wanted him to come out of play area so she could shut the gate and let the grass have a break. He just ignored her. No body ever ignores Vickie.
She called him again and he just kept playing so she went over and put a leash on him and started to walk him out of the play area. He still didn't want to come so he pulled back and tried to yank her off her feet.
She stood her ground.
Oliver stood his ground.
This was getting interesting. Who is going to win this one I wondered?
Then Oliver pulled back and stood on his hind legs. Oh my gosh, he was seven feet tall. Now I don't really know what seven feet tall means, but I do know that the look on Vickies face was not only surprise but I think I saw a little bit of fear in her eyes as those big ole feet started coming downward.
I have never yet seen Vickie back down, but that day was the first time I ever saw her think about it.
She won by the way..... But it sure wasn't by using a leash. "Food Reward" is the only way to Olivers heart.....


Anonymous said...

Yay Zeus, I think he is so good with other pets and mainly due to Vickie and the environment she has for the dogs.

katie said...

Garrett has tried to have some little treats that the deer and stuff leave around our yard. Thankfully, Garrett is not as fast as you.