Sunday, January 25, 2009

Four Legs have views too

Well, I finally talked Vickie into joining the blogging community. She doesn't think her life is interesting enough for anyone to follow so I told her she could write about Me and My life.

My name is Bert, I am eight months old. I am a handsome young golden retreiver who has graced Vickies life. I do my best to keep it interesting for her so check in every now and then to meet my friends from Canine Country Club, American Search Dogs, and our little family.


louise curry said...

Welocme to the stressfull world of blogging. Glad you are here.

The Ryans said...

I don't actually have a blog but my mom and and lot of my family do. I love to follow them and I am excited to add your blog to my list of blogs.

The Hendrys said...

Vickie, Natalie told me about your Berts Blog so I had her send me a link to your Blog Spot. I couldn't wait to read it, how clever of you to write it through Berts eyes. From what I hear Bert is quite the pooch. Can't wait to see what great adventure is next.

Cleo and Gus's Grandma Sonia