Sunday, January 25, 2009

In the beginning

The way Vickie tells it, is that she wasn't really looking for a dog to bring home the day she met me. Of course I know that she had been looking for a golden for about 6 months. She had been watching Debbie's dog Bear for a few weeks and fell completely in love with him.

After that, it was just a matter of time. She was online everynight looking up "Cream Golden Retreivers" from all over the country. She was even considering going back to New York and getting one of Bears brothers, when she just happened to look on

There he was....My father. He had just sired a litter of pups weeks earlier and they used my dads picture to show what kind of dudes we would be. Vickie was so excited. She called Aunt Gwila and asked her to meet her at my mothers place the next day.

Aunt Gwila lives a few miles from my mom and dads house, so she was happy to meet Vickie.

Vickie told Aunt Gwila that it was her job to see that Vickie DID NOT bring a puppy home that day.

The people, I was staying with, set up a little corral like thing and brought all of me and my brothers and sisters out to meet Vickie. I knew it when I saw her. She was mine......I ran through my brothers and sisters who were busy smelling things in the grass, right up to Vickie. I climbed in her lap and cuddled up to her face with licks and wags. She didn't have a chance.

Aunt Gwila stood outside the corral looking on nodding and quietly saying, "He's the One. He's the one".

Vickie was not taken in so easily, or was she. She stood up, stepped outside the circle and said she would like to meet my dad. We all piled into two cars, Vickie and Aunt Gwila in one, me and my first family in the other and headed the two blocks to see dad.

Dad, of course, is the most handsome dog Vickie and Aunt Gwila had ever seen. He proudly stood in the driveway of his home waiting proudly as we drove up and got out. And that was that. Out came the wallet and on my way to my new life I went.

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