Monday, January 26, 2009


Today Vickie put Jamie, Abby and I into the car and took us to the Roy Dog Park. We had a great time and spent the whole time making new tracks in the snow. We were the first ones there since the latest snow. Abby seemed to be having and excellent time. She ran and ran, bounced around and flew from one end of the part to the other. It was a great time for all of us.
Vickie was so excited to see Abby having so much fun. She explained to me that Abby had always been so afraid and jumpy that she was never allowed to leave the safety of Canine Country Club.

She told me how Abby had been found about four years ago when she was just a young pup. She was running in a panic down the highway, dodging in and out of traffic when Vickie first saw her.

Vickie parked her truck up the road a bit and waited on the side of the road until Abby got closer to her. A nice man who was also driving by stopped and parked his car, then went out into the road and directed the fast moving cars to the other lane so Abby was a little safer.

Abby was frightened but curious about the girl sitting on the side of the road with food in her hand. She circled the girl several times getting closer and closer, when suddenly the girl grabbed her and pulled her safely into her arms.

Still frightened and wanting to flee, Abby tried to frighten Vickie by acting like she was going to bite her in the face, but Vickie didn't let go. (Can't say that was the smartest thing to do) She stood up with Abby tightly held in her arms and carried her to the truck where the nice man opened the door and Vickie tossed the panicked Abby inside.

Vickie got in the truck and tried to calm little Abby down as they started to drive back to Canine Country Club. Vickie had planned on letting Abby stay for a few weeks while she learned to trust people again, but it became clear to Vickie after a month or so, that Abby would never really trust humans again. That loud noises and changes of any kind in her daily life would send Abby into a quivering, terrified state and if given half a chance she would run from it, never stopping and never going up to another human being.
So it was decided that Abby would live out her life in the confines of Canine Country Club. Not a bad thing, since she had an acre of land to call her own, new friends that came to play with her on a daily basis and the company of the one and only human being that she trusted. Not completely, but trusted enough to relax and enjoy life.

For the next three years her only excursions were to the vet for shots, creating just another reason to never want to go in the truck or leave the safety of her surroundings.

So you see, it was a great feat for her to go to the park today with us.


katie said...

I had no idea you had a blog. I'm so happy to find you and keep in touch!!

louise curry said...

It is no wonder I love Abby, she is a survivor!

Anonymous said...

Ok, we're checking it out. Let's see who can drive their owner nuts first Bear or Bert. I'm betting I can do it as Basil is such a sweet heart that no one, except Rebel, could ever match him....Bear the Bear

Paulette said...

I guess I never asked how Abby came to live with you. Personally, I think she's a hoot. She's simply a lady with opinions, and if yours differ from hers, she lets you know.