Friday, April 17, 2009

Green Days a comin

I have had such a good day. I was a little worried at first, when after the day care dogs arrived, Vickie loaded Tristy into the car instead of me. She took off and was gone for an hour and I smelled PARK all over Tristy when she came back.

I guess before I go on with what happened I should introduce Tristy to you. Vickie tried to get a picture for you, but Tristy is very shy and very conscientious about her weight and doesn’t want her picture taken for a few more weeks. here is a side shot, don't tell Tristy that we showed you.

Tristy is a golden retriever like me and she has come to stay with us for about six months. She has a lovely lady who doesn’t’ want to let her go but has decided it is best for Tristy. You see Tristy is being picked on by the other two dogs at the house where she came from. One time they picked on her so bad she had to go to the emergency room to save her life.

From that time forward, she has been very afraid to show her face and so she has always hid in the bushes or in a corner. There was a lot of name calling and poking fun at her and as time went on, she just never got any exercise and she gained a lot of weight.

She should weigh about 60 pounds but when she went to the vet last week, they said she was over 120 pounds. So off to the Fat Farm she went. Which is us. Yep, Vickie says we will help her so she becomes sleek and beautiful and healthy again.

Well that’s where we come back to my story, because as you all know….. It is “All About Me”…..

When Vickie took her to the park instead of me, I was concerned that she would be too tired to give me my proper amount of exercise. (Which is getting more and more every day) But to my great delight, as soon as Tristy and Vickie came back from their walk at Riverdale Park, where she met up with her mom and KC, Vickie dropped Tristy off and picked me up and we got to go to Fort Bueneventura.

I LOVE Fort BUENEVENTURA…..It means, I get to swim and I LOVE SWIMMING. I know it is still a bit cold but just to make sure I got to go to the Fort, I rolled in some doo doo while Vickie and Trist were at the park. I knew if Vickie came back and smelled the stuff all over me, odds were we would go to FORT BUENEVENTURA and as I said, I LOVE FORT BUENEVENTURA.

When we got there we took the walking trail around to the west side of the river, which means we get to go over my favorite bridge. I can stand on my hind legs and look over the bridge and watch sticks floating down the river, or smell the ducks swimming by the shore. There are just a ton of things to do on the bridge over the river.

Then into the park through the back way and I get to jump over logs and wooden fences. WE practice some of my agility moves (which, if I say so myself, are pretty smooth and graceful for a boy my age) and then…….


Then I ran through the grass and made footprints in the mud, played on the hill and finally we headed back home, where to my surprise and delight again, instead of making me get out of the car and come in, Vickie stopped, picked up Jamie and the three of us went to another park……What a day……

Jamie and I played ball and chased this silly little toy Vickie had and in general enjoyed the heck out of the morning. When we finally came home, I was pretty tired.

But not so tired that I didn’t want to go out with Vickie to play with all of my friends at the Day Care. It was such a beautiful day that a lot of them were just basking in the sunlight. Like in the pictures below. Ellie Mae, Gracie and Stockton were loving the warm sunshine and were almost perturbed when I came shooting by in my pursuit of my good friend Cooper.

Gus or Cleo, sometimes I cannot tell them apart, but it was probably Gus, chased me around for a bit, but eventually he decided I wasn't worth the effort and went to play with someone else.

Kodiak Kenai, Jessie, Padi, Faith, Sam, Strider, Little Lizzie, Scrappy, Abby, well, just about everyone was there and having fun. A total blast of a day.

Finally, because so many people have asked about it, Vickie got Andy to let her take a video of how he loads Sam and Strider into his truck. Now keep in mind, Andy is over six feet tall so it will give you an idea of how big Strider is. You can call it an instruction video on how to get big dogs into the back of a pick-up. Vickie says that Andy should hire the dogs out for a weight lifting class.

Night everyone. I am out of here.



Erin said...

That Jesse is my boy!!! (You are my boy also Bert)

johndeb said...

Hi Bert,

So how is it going? I'm going back to Dog School and they have given my slave a money back guarantee. Guarantee what, that I will continue to plant my paws on her backside every time she goes out back to fix the down spout from the gutter after a nice rain. Ha Ha, I think it is just a new fashion statement and she shouldn't get so upset! "The Bear"