Monday, April 6, 2009

Pepsi, the Cure All

Whoa, bad news in Vickie town today. Not sure what happened but she took off right at 10 o’clock to see someone called “taxguy”. She was gone for about two hours and when she came back she was clearly irritated. She kept mumbling something about her Uncle Sam, and how she thought he was being greedy and mean this year, then she went to the fridge and did something I only see her do very very rarely.

She pulled out this little blue can with the words PEPSI on it and she drank the whole thing. I mean, usually if she breaks down and feels bad about something I see her pull out one of these and fills a glass with ice. (By the way, I love ice) and then she will spend about two hours just sipping the stuff. This time, she just stood there and drank and drank and drank.

It must have made her feel better cause then she went outside, she got her tools and took down the gate that keeps me from getting into the grass when ever I want. It is great now because we get to lay in the stuff, graze on it and run through it. She does however, draw the line at digging, but I think I can live with that. Besides, I have already found all the rocks under the grass that I want. At least for now.

Then she came inside and made a grilled cheese sandwich. My it smelled good. My mouth was watering as she told us how her mom makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world and she was very much in need of something that reminded her of the “Good Ole Days”

While it was cooking Vickie went in to the other room and I guess she forgot about the sandwich. Or maybe it is just that Vickie is the Worst Cook in the world. (you could’ve ask her husband about that, she almost killed him with her cooking, years ago. No wonder they got divorced.) Anyway, either she is forgetful or just a bad cook, when she came back into the kitchen and opened the pan to turn her sandwich over, smoke came shooting out causing the fire alarm to go off.

That really upsets Scrappy so he started shaking and trying to climb up in Vickie’s arms. Vickie was trying to take the pan off the stove and was about to put it in the sink when she remembered we have our yearly plumbing blockage and you can’t use the sink, so she headed for the back door with her smoking blackened sandwich in a pan..

Scrappy in the mean time had panicked even more and was heading for the door too. I guess to get away from the loud noise of the fire alarm and the awful smell of burned cheese. They both hit the hallway at the same time. Vickie tried not to step on Scrappy by jumping to the left, which tilted the pan and the sandwich. That grilled cheese pile of burnt offering shot out of the pan and into the curtains, then slimed its way past the curtains to the wall and onto the floor.

I haven’t’ seen Scrappy since. Vickie hurt her knee, and I had a wonderful burnt grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Oh yea, and now I have gas.

What a day……

Actually, it got better because Becky and Ben came by to visit and there were a lot of really cool dogs that came to doggy day care. Vickie even took a video.


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Erin said...

OHHH how cute!!!!!!! Bert what a day, what a day!