Friday, April 10, 2009

Indians, Soldiers and WATER, lots of WATER

Vickie did everything she could to wear me out today. And all because she was a bit mad because I beat her outside this morning and found something really juicy and fragrant to role in.

Erin came to work a few hours and the first thing Vickie did was tell her to take me for a long long long walk. Which I quite enjoyed. Then after work, she and Erin took me to a park in Ogden and Erin tried to hide from me. Of course that was useless because I AM THE BEST SEARCH DOG IN THE WORLD………….

Of course I found some water to play in after we did the problem. What a joyful surprise for me to find lots of mud with the water.....

I got to rest a bit while Vickie ran Erin home, then Michelle shows up. I met her last when I was just a young whippersnapper. She comes and takes the dogs that stay at Canine Country club to the park for walks during their stay.

I went a couple of times with her then but I was very little and I needed constant supervision. If you remember, I almost drowned there last fall. Anyway, I remember getting to swim in the lake for the first time on one of those walks that Michele came on. It was the beginning of my love affair with water.

Anyway, the first thing Vickie asks her to do is to take me for a long long long long walk. About half way thru that walk, I pretty much had to sit down and rest. I didn’t want to let her know I was tired, but I kinda was.

Right now she is taking Ellie and Gracie over to the Fort to walk and I am a little jealous. I hear it is the Mountain Man Rendezvous and I was kind of curious to see what that is all about. Maybe if I give Vickie my “Woe is me look” she will take me there this weekend. Or better yet, I think I’ll start being annoying and bothersome right now so she will take me tonight. That way she can get some sleep cause I will be too tired to nose her every few hours.

What I like to do is go outside around midnight, get my nose all cold and frosty then come in and stick it right on her sleeping face. Boy, she jumps right out of her sleep with a cry and a yelp. Pretty fun doings……

OK. it is 8 pm and I got what I wished for. After work, Vickie took me to the fort and I met all these kids and they played with me, petted me, threw sticks into the water for me. Man it was fun.

We walked around with Vickies mom and her friend Louise, looking at all the strange people. Some of them were dressed like indians and pioneers and hunters and even soldiers from 200 years ago. At first I was a little nervous. There were guns and pelts and fires going everywhere. After I settled in to the whole thing, it was kind of fun.

Now I am home and truly tired. I am going to curl up in Vickies favorite chair and sleep for the night. I'll appologize to her in the morning for getting it all wet as my fur has not dried off from my late evening swim.

Aint Life Fine!!!!!


Today is Saturday and I am still pretty trashed. Vickie had promised Jamie a trip to the park today since she didn't get to do all the fun things I did yesterday. I may be tired, but I am not going to give up a chance to go to the park so I stuck pretty close to Jamie all morning.

True to her word, Vickie called Jamie around noon and they headed to the gate. I pushed my way through the other dogs and pretty much knocked Jamie over trying to get through the gate with them.

At first Vickie said "No Bert, this is Jamies time" but I gave her "The Look". I am getting pretty good at "The Look" check it out.

Of course she let me go too. I mean you can't help it, once I have given you "The Look" and off to the park we went.

While we were there I met three new friends. Chase, Preston and Creston. I played stick for a few minutes with Chase and then Vickie asked them if they would try and hide from me. Ha ha, hide from ME, THE GREATEST SEARCH DOG IN THE WORLD.

They did agree to try and off they went while Vickie and I waited behind the truck. I wasn't even able to see what direction they went. But of course, that matereth not.

Yep, I quickly found my missing human by smelling his shoe. They tried to trick me by messing up the track with the other two humans scent but let me tell you, once you have stuck your nose inside a boys shoe, YOU KNOW WHAT HE SMELLS LIKE. That aroma stays with you a long time. Days even weeks. Sometimes you can even smell it in your sleep.

And people think I smell.......

Anyway, I quickly found him and then we all played ball. It was another great day at the park. I came home, jumped in my swimming pool, soaked myself down good and then came in the house and jumped up into the lazy boy.

You know what? I heard Vickie tell her friend that the Lazy boy was my personal chair now....Cool, I have my own chair....

Happy Easter everyone.

I hope you enjoy the video below. When I go for a walk with Vickie and her mom, the let me take KC and walk him. I guess I am kind of "The doggy baby sitter" I should be paid.....



Erin said...

Bert you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!! It wan't THAT long of a walk and beside Bogey went with us remember???

The Ryans said...

Bert you are so cute