Thursday, April 30, 2009

So we tried a new dog park today. It was a great place. When we go t there I met a dog named Brutus. He greeted me with a big ol sloppy tongue up my face. At first I didn’t know what to think of him, then after a bit, I decided he was ok…..just a little fresh…

We ran and played until my buddy Murphy showed up. Then the fun really started. Murphy and I chase balls for almost an hour. I could pretty much keep up with the Murp and a few times I even beat him to the ball.

I always bring the ball back to Vickie when I get it but Murphy just slobbers on it for a minute, then drops it and goes off to see or smell something else. He has a short attention span….

Soon Vickie’s mom and KC came. KC loves to chase the birds and the butterflies. I would have liked to join in but Vickie says I can’t play with butterflies anymore, and in truth, birds move too fast for me, so I am fine with the ball.

Tristy got to come along with us too. Before we came to the park, Vickie stopped at the veterinarians office and took Tristy in for a few minutes. Not to long later, out they came and Vickie told me that Tristy has lost 15 pounds since she came to stay with us. That is really great for Tristy. I can tell she is feeling a lot better with the weight loss.

She comes outside all the time now, she loves to go for walks with me and Vickie and she was even playing with the other dogs today. At the park, she just followed people around and she seemed really happy to be somewhere that she didn’t have to have a leash on.

I have decided that Dog Parks, at least this one, are really really neat.

The dog park trip was on Monday. WE didn’t do much Tuesday but Wednesday I got to go to the Fort. I was so excited, I just knew it meant that I would get to go swimming, but to my surprise, Vickie make me walk all the way around behind the Fort itself and then we just sat there.

Murhpy and Paulette joined us but then they left. We just sat there and sat there, and when I was beginning to wonder what Vickie was thinking of, I heard talking, laughing and screaming coming from the trail. I looked over and guess what??? Kids, Kids and more kids. It was like Kid heaven and they were coming towards me.

Wow there was so many and they all wanted to pet me and play with me and hug me. So for two and half hours I got to entertain KIDS. Sometimes Vickie would have one of them help me to sit and stay calm while she and Paulette talked a bit, then after they were through droning on and on, Murphy and I got to show the kids what a search dog does.

I admit, Murphy was pretty cool on his problem, he just put his nose to the ground and tracked the little feller to the surrounding woods and voila…….Finished.

I got a little confused on my kid. He was hiding right by this big wooden fence and I was so excited to show the kids how well I jump that I didn’t even notice him. Then I climbed all the way up the mountain looking for him. It was really steep but I am pretty good on steep slopes. Just as I was almost to the top though, Vickie called me back down and as I jumped back over the fence to go to her, I smelled the kid again and whipped over to his hiding place.

After we were through showing them how cool we were, the petted us again and started to leave. I was a little sad to see them go, but just when I thought it was time to go on home, another group of kids came. We did the whole thing all over for them and then another group came and two more groups came after that.

About half way through all of this Tucker and Ken came and joined us and all the kids got to see Tucker do his thing too. Tucker, Murphy and I were pretty impressive.

By the time they were all gone, I was really exhausted. I was grateful when Vickie and Paulette picked up their packs and gear and started heading back to the cars. However, I got my second wind when we stopped at the lake and Vickie said I could go swimming.

Yahooeee……What a great great day…

Abby and Scrappy want to send you a Howling Good Day video.


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louise curry said...

Boy it is really a coveted life for a dog at Canine Country Club. Love the video, of course it got KC out of a sound sleep and right up on my lap.
Thanks alot Bert