Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More and more kids

I think I really love doing demonstrations with the other search dogs but I also think that I get nervous too. So nervous that my tummy starts to ache, that pain then travels to my intestinal system and I get really gassy.

Tuesday night we got to be the guest speakers at Kanesville elementary’s first annual Book Club session after school. All the kids who had written their own books were showing them off and Vickie was asked to come and talk about her experiences publishing our Search and Rescue book “Search Dogs and You”.

We started in this little room that had about 25 chairs set out. As the people started coming in I got more and more nervous. The room filled up quickly and people were sitting and standing through-out the room and out into the hall. Erin and Chase had come along to help with the demonstration and they were taking really good care of me but I was still getting agitated.

Vickie was talking and introducing the all of us. She talked about how cool Murphy and Hobbs were, then said that I was a little shy and high-strung. She even told them that I occasionally get a little gassy when I am excited. Just to prove her right, I immediately let out a really aromatic bubble of hot air.

Who would have guessed that I could vaporize a room on command? Am I good or what. I think Erin and Chase took me outside about five times through-out the whole evening.

When we were finished with the first demonstration, people had had so much fun that they spread the word really fast and pretty soon the hallways were full of people wanting to get into the second and third demonstration.

The teacher who asked us to come wondered if we wouldn’t mind moving into the gymnasium so off we went. Vickie and the teacher were laughing about the fact that a bigger room would be a lot easier on people’s noses, considering I was so “Fresh” tonight.

When we walked into the gymnasium, there were over 150 fathers, mothers and children. I was in my own heaven. If Erin and Chase would just let go of the leash I would able to play with all of them. Please Please, let me go, let me go……but they held on tight. I tried to jump away from them, drag them, pull them, but they were immoveable.

After this group left, we had yet another just as big or bigger. Erin and Chase had to keep taking me outside because I was so excited I kept letting gas. Finally when it was all over, I got to be petted by hundreds of kids and parents. Then me Murphy and Hobbs went outside into the soccer field and ran and ran and ran.

Hobbs friend Blake started throwing tennis balls and man could he throw. We ran and jumped and chased balls for a long time. Murphy would run in a bouncy way and with all his hair he looked like this huge mop with its tendrils flying through the air.

It was a great evening and after we were done there, Vickie, Erin, Chase and I all got in the truck and headed to Layton. She had promised their parents she would have them home around 8:30 and we were running pretty close to being late.

We dropped Erin off first and when she got out I bursted out too. See I had been so excited all this time that I forgot I had to go to the bathroom and Erins place looked as good as any so that’s what I did.

I have to admit, it was a gooey smelly one. All three of those humans groaned as the wind sent the nasty fragrance right for them. Vickie pulled out her trusty poop bag and complainingly scooped the stuff up and into the bag. Erin went into the house and got a ton of water which Vickie said they would need to make sure there were no traces left on the grass as the house was up for sale and they didn’t want any prospective buyers to come by and get an extra treat on their feet.

Finally I got back in the truck and we took Chase home. All of a sudden I was really tired so I was pretty happy to be heading home. I am pretty trashed now so I am going to go to wrap myself up in my blanky and go to sleep. Vickie says that hopefully I’ll be more relaxed tomorrow and then maybe I wont be so stinky, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were her. Or maybe she should.

good night


Erin said...

Bert!!!!!!!You are one gassy dog! having to tak you out 5 to 6 times and for all the horrible gas you let out!!!!!!!! PPPPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! It was NASTY!!!!

louise curry said...

I have some GAS EX pills I would be glad to share with Bert.. Do you think they would help, or is he just so loveable the way he is that it really doesn't matter.

Erin said...

I don't really think that it would make that much of a difference!