Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snow walks

Deal with it Vickie, Boys will be boys and that means, we roll in mud, dead things and other dogs pooh. And more often than not, we stink. Granted, I may stink more than most dogs but you might as well get used to it.

Now having said that, let me tell you what a fun day I had today. Vickie had planned on getting one more picture for the little book and Chase and Erin were going to help. Chase wasn’t able to come at the last minute so Erin, Vickie and I settled for a fun time in the hills above Layton.

There is this really cool private park that lets the search dog train in it. That is really special because all of Layton’s parks have an NO DOG rule. Now why would they not want dogs in them? But this one park, has given special permission for the search dogs, so that is the one we went to.

Erin got out of the car and disappeared down the road that leads to the park and it was my job to find her. AND I DID. It was pretty easy. Then we played in the park with my toy for a while.

The weather was really nice, it was snowing, but not cold. Figure that one out. We did another little problem like the first one, then headed back to the city streets where Erin was supposed to try and walk me with Vickie far away.

I was not going to have anything to do with that. The minute Vickie left, I started to act up but that Erin just put me in my place. She was gentle about it but she made it very clear that I was to obey her and only her. It wasn’t so bad. We walked and walked. She would say stop and then we would stop and I would sit. I think I performed pretty darn good for a guy with my reputation for being a crazy boy.

After a while, Erin asked me to sit and then she dropped my leash and walked away and I just stayed. And one time she told me to lie down and stay and guess what? I did it. I was pretty amazing today.

After we were done walking we all got back in the truck and headed to Erins house, but first Vickie and Erin went in to a burger place and had lunch. They even brought me out a piece of fish. Mmmmm good.

It is time to settle in for the night and I am pretty content. I think I have a pretty good life. Really good friends both human and dog, ok and maybe two cats. So off to bed I go, but not without leaving Vickie a little gaseous reminder of the fish today.



Erin said...

OHHHH Bert I love that you did EVERYTHING that I told you to!!! You are one AMAZING dog!!!


Paulette said...

That is an adorable picture of sweet, obedient Bert walking with Erin.

johndeb said...

HI Sis, I bet "The Bear" wishes that he were with you to go for a walk. The cold wiped me out for almost 3 weeks and now it's time to play catch up. I hope that everyone remembers their training so when we walk to the barns tomorrow everyone is happy.
Love, D