Monday, April 20, 2009

Green Green Green

My life is just so much fun. I mean, who do you know that gets to play with bunches of different dogs all day long, go for endless walks, swim almost daily in their own private lake, (I did have to share the lake with a bunch of school kids today but I don’t really mind sharing) have their own personal lazy boy chair, and gets to play hide and seek with friends and family all the time.

I mean, who…..Its just the best ever life.

Like this weekend Vickie and I met with Paulette, Murphy, Chase and her dog Rosco up by the mountains above Layton. We played hide and seek games for about an hour and then Rosco and I played tug of war for the rest of the time.

Murphy did a couple of hide and seek games to show us beginners how its done, then he had to go. Rosco got his chance next. He is part bloodhound so they have to keep him on a long lead.

I have to say, for a beginner, he did an amazing job, but come on…..He is part blood hound after all.

Vickie and I got a good laugh though when Rosco came back from one of his games dragging poor Chase behind him. Her legs were flying in all different directions as she tried to keep running. He is really strong and fast.

When we were playing tug of war, I had to use my whole body to keep him from winning. We pulled and pulled and finally I just sat down so he had to drag my whole body when he tugged.

He is a really fun guy and I look forward to playing with him lots more.

Sunday was kind of a quiet day. Vickie’s long time friend Laurel was passing through and stopped to visit. She went with us for our evening walk. Vickie took Jamie and me and Laurel walked Tristy. It was a very nice evening with perfect temperatures. I got to walk off lead for part of the walk but Tristy and Jamie had to stay on lead all the way.

I guess I am the better walker……(truth is, Jamie is deaf and blind now so Vickie is worried about letting her run free, but I am a really good walker and I listen really well.)

Then came today (Monday) and it was full of excitement and new experiences. Vickie pulled out this machine that roles on four wheels. It makes lots of noise but it is really fun because it blows out a strong wind from its side and when she puts it on the grass it sprays wet, sweet smelling green clumps of grass into the air.

Oh my, there is nothing like the smell of fresh mowed grass, and next to the smell is the fascinating experience of rolling, rubbing, sliding and spinning your body in the stuff. And to add to all of that, it is like putting on a whole new layer of colorful fur. Yep, Now I am no longer a blond……..I am green……pretty, pastel green.

I went in to show Vickie how handsomely summerish I looked and she quickly grabbed the camera and made me pose for a picture, then off to the lake we went.

So this is a win win thing, this beautiful new experience. First I get to romp in the sweet smelling stuff, then I get to go to the lake for a swim in hopes of washing it off so I can come home and roll in it again.

Really, who has a life as good as mine????

Oh yah and Vickie got me this cool pool with little critters in it and now I can lay in the cool water then run through the house any time I like. I LOVE WATER....did I already tell you that?

Night now, hope you enjoy this video of me in my pool as much as I enjoyed making it.



katie said...

Thanks for the Birtday card.

louise curry said...

Yuk BERT who could love such a stinky green animal. However, you are the best ever at walking KC so I guess you can be forgiven for being such a smelly, mud loving dog.

louise curry said...

Ok Bert it is very late and I have tried 3 times to tell you what a great blog you have, and if this fails you can just forget the compliment. Thanks for being such a good KC walker, however don't teach him how to get all yucky, mussy and green