Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Rest of my Birthday Week

Slide show of the Week

So, my Birthday week is over. To tell you the truth, I am kinda glad because it has been One Big Busy Week. And I am pooped......

Day Four (continued from last blog entry)

It was full of good food, fun walks and general play. Nothing terribly special, but fun.

Day Five

Well, you can tell from my first picture, that it was a GOOD DAY. I got more lovin and hugs from people than you can imagine.

See Me and My Vickie were asked to come and speak at a Fund Raiser for the childrens hospital. It was a kind of outdoor extraviganza with kids and adults all over the place.

I met this one little boy who stayed with me for quite some time. We checked out a few things that were on the curb. A bug, a rock and a stick.

Then we just sat together for a bit and loved on each other.

Also I met this nicest guy who shared his sandwhich with me. At first he kinda teased me, but finally he shared and it was GOOOOOD STUFF.

My Vickie was off talkin to folks and teachin some stuff so I stayed with this really nice nice guy who just petted me and helped me to relax and enjoy the day...........and then the greatest thing in the world happened.

My Vickie was having me pose with folks and she had just told me to sit and stay.

I was just a posin, doing my job when, for some reason, I turned and looked at who I was a posin with. I was beside myself with joy when I found out it was.....the great....the one and only.......

CHUCKY CHEESE...... Chucky Cheese you guys. I was posin with the GREAT CHUCKY CHEESE. It was a wonderful day. Wonderful......

Back at Canine Country Club, little Daisy (you know, the little girl Vickie rescued from death and then told me she was my birthday present.....yeah like I want to share my time with Vickie with another dog)

She had to have surgery to fix all the booboos from her previous life. And we are trying to get her to eat cause she only weighs 25 pounds and the doctor said she should weigh about 40 pounds now.

She is doing really good. And, for the time being, we will keep her around. I am just worried my vickie will fall in love with her and want her to move in with us. So if you would all send up doggy prayers that a wonderful person will come along who needs Daisy, I would really appreciate it.

Bernies family sent us some pictures of what happened to him after he spent Day Five with me. mmmmmm. Maybe I got him a little dirty.

Buck and Annie sent me birthday wishes from their boat trip at Lake Powell.

More kids, more love, more fun

I was a little jelouse cause Tristy has a special family who loves her so much that they come and take her every Saturday for fun at the park, but I guess that is ok.

The smell of lilacs have filled the air around Canine Country Club and spring has come just in time to help me celebrate my Birthday Week.

Day Six

Still have to work around the kennels even though it is my Birthday Week. But that is ok.....I kinda like that. My Vickie works and I play. Sounds like a heck of a deal.....

You know, it has been such a good week, that I havn't even noticed Devil Cat. I think it is because he doesn't like Daisy. Mmmmmm, maybe I should re-concider keeping Daisy around, if it means that I see less of the Evil One.


Final day of my Birthday Week. My buddy Murphy came down and his family and mine all went to see how much of the park was left after the flooding.

We found some goose feathers and Vickie thought it would be cute to get pictures of me and Bert with goose feathers in our coat. I didn't think that was too fun so I headed to the water. Murphy didn't move fast enough.

Murphy got so dirty that he had to have anothe rbath after his swim when he got home. His mom sent us a video of the bath and I am giving it a title of:


Hope you enjoy it.

So I end my Birthday Week with a big THANK YOU to all my friends who sent me Birthday wishes and a final picture of Me just before evening came at the local park which is also under water from our flooding. I try not to be too excited about all this water cause Vickie says many many people are suffering because of it. (But I can't help myself.....I LOVE WATER)

So if your not completely bored out of your mind with all my chattering, here is a fun video from this week of two golden doodles that were having fun in the pool. (BTW....the pool was perfectly clean and clear two minutes before the little bounders started playing in it.)

Looks like fun, doesn't it?




Emma Rose said...

Hi Bert,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet you. Happy Birthday too! I think you are a hero, being a search dog and all. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better :)

Emma Rose

Amber-Mae said...

What an awesome birthday week it was! I can imagine how pooped you are right now. It sure was a very, very busy but fun week for you. I love that 1st picture of you with that lady. She's so pretty. Is that your hoomie, Vickie?

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

Wow Bert. What a totally awesome time!

And you know what? I wouldn't worry too much about Daisy. The amazing thing about love is that it expands and expands so we know that Vickie would never love you less.

Tommy (and The Gang)

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Oh Bert, we just love your posts, so much to learn about and see. Your opening video was great and we really loved that song. We hope Daisy recovers well, and we think it would be great if she stayed with you. For one thing, she would certainly help with that cat, but you know, she is so sweet too.

Hope you all have a fun week.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Tracy said...

Wow Bert, I must say, you certainly had a week filled with fun and lovin'...certainly was great to see all the photos and videos and know which one I liked best? that little boy you were posing with up top...what a cutie and he sure liked you a whole lot!
I am glad you had such a great b'day week! you do great work and need to be rewarded for it!
I certainly wish you could meet up with Hurricane...I'll post photos of his week at the beach in a couple days...have you ever been to the beach Bert? Ahhh, you'd love it!

Remington said...

Now THAT was awesome!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

HELLO!! I'm here at work, and a co-worker and I have just loved looking at your week and seeing what you've been up too!! Its worn us both out--Now we need a nap!! :-)

I am glad Daisy has found her way to someone who cares about her!!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

What an awesome birthday week you had, Bert! We FINALLY got to hit MacDonalds. Maybe Chuck E Cheese can be next?

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Mango said...

That is some crazy fun you had. What an amazing week of celebration. I love the furniture as drying booth. I'll have to try that one out. I am thinking of little Miss Vickie and hoping she continues to recover.


Anonymous said...

Gosh you sure know how to celebrate a birthday!!!

A big THANK YOU for your donation to the Joplin Humane Society:)

Meeka said...

You are such a busy bee.
Wishing Daisy a speed recovery.

Bailey Be Good! said...

Wowserz, Bert!! What a week you've had!!

Happy Wednesday woofs & hugs,


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! What a PAWSOME Birthday week. Love your photo with Chuckie Cheese. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Boondocks said...

Such a great week!!!! So much fun, so many people to love, CHUCKY CHEESE!, and a new dog?? Bert, you are living the good life.


Zee and Zoey said...

Hi Bert - what a beautiful dog you are. I feel like I could pet you through my computer screen, your pictures are that wonderful!

Hugs from Zee and Zoey and their human mom, Deb

Gretchen said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Stopped by on the Blog Hop and saw that we're both part of the Walking Challenge. Nice to "meet" you.

Droopy, Smiley, and Kayah said...

Dearest Bert

It is so nice to meet you!!! You are a super handsome golden boy! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following it too! We will be following your bloggie as well, since you seem to have some neat adventures!

Momma and I have been fascinated with search and rescue pups since we read a really cool book about them. It was called Scent of the Missing: Love and Partnership with a search and rescue dog. Maybe you've heard of it???

Well we can't wait to read more about your adventures!

Droopy and the other cheesehounds

P.S. A very happy belated birthday!

Miss Kodee said...

My goodness what a week of excitement, thrills and chills! First I hope Vickie gets better and if must be, finds her own home. I bet she grows on you though. Handsome, big bone you got for your b'day! Scrapper is too cute!