Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beautiful Days and Beautiful People

I am certainly getting a lot of exercise lately. Most every day we take a break from work and go to the park west of town to play ball and play with my friend Horse. Today was an exceptionally beautiful day. The clouds were migrating slowly across the sky and you could hear a pheasant protesting our presence in a nearby field. Then later in the evening when all the day care dogs had gone home Vickie and I waited until Jamie was asleep then we snuck out of the house and went for a walk.

We went in the car for a few miles then got out and walked a quiet country road where I met a herd of cows. They were young and playful and ran along the pasture with us. I was pretty good about the whole thing until this one cow came running right up to me. He had his head down and there were these two big horns growing out of the top of his head.

It really scared me so I jumped up into Vickie’s arms (yes I actually did). She told me he was just playing and that we were safe because there was a pasture fence between this critter and me but I don’t care what she says, that was scary. When we got back to the truck, Vickie pulled out my favorite tennis ball and I got to chase it for a while before we came home.

Now that is a great human invention. I have decided to make a list of all the dogs and people I would like to meet in the next life and one of those on the list would be the human who invented tennis balls. He or she must be what would be considere an ABSOLUTE GENIUS.

Now I am playing with Scrappy. It seems it is harder and harder for me to settle down in the evenings, no matter how busy my day has been. If I had my way, Vickie would play with me non-stop from early morning until late late night.

Yesterday I got to go, for the first time, to a really neat place called a Retirement Center. I met Tucker and Murphy there and we all went inside where there were these amazing people sitting in a big circle waiting for me.

They were the most tender, kind and gentle humans I have yet to meet.

When we went in, they were all hoping I would come over to them so they could pet me. Imagine that, all they wanted to do was just caress, embrace, stroke and cuddle with me. It was so calming to my spirit. They are truly special special humans.

Murphy, Tucker and I had fun showing them all the tricks we could do. I was quite impressive with my “Sit, Down, and Shake” but they loved it when I would nod my head up and down when Vickie would ask me if I had been a good boy. Then she would ask me if I wanted to say my prayers and thank heavenly father for all the good things I have and so I would put my feet up and bow my head between them. I was pretty irresistible.

But then Tucker got up and did all his cool stuff. He rolled over, would speak when asked, he even whispered. What a show off.

Of course Murphy would not be out done so he bowed, spun around in circles and then stood on his hind legs to show how tall he was. Then to finish off he played like he was in the old west and did a “Stick em up” and a bang your dead. He really does do a good “Dead Dog” imitation.

Anyway, I hope that I can do a lot more of that stuff because those are really charming people and they really do help me to be more relaxed……

Night all

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johndeb said...

Hey Bert,

I've been doing the same thing to John and Deb. Actually there have been mice and voles running all over the field and I want to let them know that I know they are here.

Keep up the good work and Bark, Bark, and more Bark. The BEAR