Monday, March 16, 2009

Today we got a call that a young man was missing. All the other search dogs got to go but Vickie said I am too young and I haven’t passed my certification. Jamie is almost blind and deaf so she is retired. It was pretty rough hearing Vickie on the phone with the other handlers and knowing I didn’t get to go.

I am going to work real hard so that I can be tested on my first birthday. (May 15th) I never want to be left behind again. I may be young but I know that I have a serious job to do out there and I want to be ready.

Still it wasn’t too bad of a day. Vickie took me to the lake to swim. It was my first time back at the place where I almost drowned last year. When I look at it now, I don’t know what was so threatening about it. I mean, yes the water is flowing really fast, but now that I am much bigger, it just doesn’t seem as dangerous.

After about half an hour of swimming and retrieving sticks, I was tired. Jamie didn’t seem to want to swim as much as me and she was tired too so we started back. Wow, all of a sudden my nose was filled with a sweet aroma of slime. I turned my head and looked off to the side and there it was, the biggest, blackest, smelliest dog rolling heaven ever.

Before Vickie had a chance to stop me, I dove right into it, then I lowered my head into the beautiful blackness and flipped myself over into the darkened liquid sludge. I writhed, slithered and twisted through the stuff like a snake. It felt so incredible and smelled so gossamer. (hee hee, I am practicing my human vocabulary, even Vickie doesn’t know that gossamer means fine, delightful, wonderful)

Anyway, after I rolled around in this amazing stuff, I had to go back into the lake for a while. Yah!!! Vickie, that is my punishment, another fifteen minutes of play……..

Who’s the smart one now?


PS. Besides getting to look at pictures of me and a video, I asked Vickie to put in some pictures of all the dogs here at the kennel this week for your entertainment.


The Ryans said...

Bert you are such a handsome "ham". Looks like Jamie has got you trained to get in the cold water and get the sticks, she's probably waiting for it to get a little warmer. ;)

The Hendrys said...

Well Bert, I see you buddy Gus, nice photo. I'll bet he wouldn't jump in the cold water for a stick. You are so brave!