Saturday, March 7, 2009

More Smelly Things

Vickie is watching one of her Schwartzinager Terminator movies right now and I am lying comfortably and happily at her side. We have had a busy two days and I am exhausted.

Yesterday (Friday) Jamie Vickie and I went an played ball for a while, then Vickie and I took a very long long walk. I got frightened during the walk, but just a little. We were strolling along, minding our own business when out of the corner of my eye I spotted two huge brown beasts perched on the lawn of a big house.

Knowing it was my job to protect Vickie from such demons, I leaped back into her legs, knocking her off her balance, but bringing her attention to the big creatures. I then began to fiercely bark at them, warning them to stay away from my best friend and me.

They appeared to be uncaring about my verbal warning and maintained their attack position. Not moving a muscle they stood staring back at me with a wild look in their eyes.

I figured when Vickie got up from the slightly invigorated bang I gave her, that she would quickly turn and we would retreat, but she just started laughing. Laughing!!!

Her lack of concern made me wonder if she had perhaps lost her mind so I continued to set up a ferocious barrier between her and them. I would protect her, even if she didn’t know she needed protecting.

Then, believe it or not, she started to walk up to the beasts, just as calm as can be. Sometimes I don’t know if she is the bravest human in the world or the dumbest. All this time the big monsters never moved. They just stood their perfectly still, staring at us.

Vickie kept calling me and telling me it was all right and that I should come over and meet them too but I am not crazy so I just stayed on my side of the road. I was ready to run in and protect her if they attacked but to be honest, I don’t know what I would have done had they attacked. After all, I am just a pup, not even 10 months old. Maybe I’ll save the bravery stuff until later in life.

Of course, Vickie finally gave up and we slowly walked away from them. She tried to explain the words “Chain Saw Bears” but as I said, I am young and don’t have a full understanding of the human language yet.

On Saturday Ken and Tucker came over and we all went out west to do some “Tracking” training for when I am older and make it as a Search and Rescue Dog.

Tucker did a wonderful job, while Jamie and I sat in the car and watched. He picked up the track that Vickie had left, made all the turns she had made, and found her in no time.
I have to admit, it was pretty cool to watch.

Then it was my turn. I picked up the smell of the track and was off. Man I run good. I ran from side to side of the track left by Ken. I ran fast too. Sometimes I had to wait for Vickie. Like when we had to go over the ditches and things. She cannot jump as good as me and one time we even had to go away from the track to find an easier place for her to climb over.

To be truthful, she kind of slows me down. But that’s ok. When I found three out of four of Kens dropped socks (scent articles) I came across a really strong air scent of Ken and headed straight to him.

When Vickie finally caught up, it was my turn for reward and play. She had bought a new toy to use just for this kind of thing and I love it. It is a ball hooked to a rope and it really could fly through the air good.

After we were through playing we started back to the truck when I found a lovely little ice covered swamp. I find I just can’t pass those things up so I jumped in and laid down smack in the middle of it.

It was kind of cold but, I love water soooo much that I didn’t care. Vickie didn’t even try to stop me. I was curious as to why she wouldn’t try and stop me but on the way back after my little dip, I overheard her and Ken talking. She said she would rather have mud on me than pooh.

See, I had had a little diarrhea when we first arrived. I was so excited about being there, and I knew we were about to have fun. I couldn’t stand still for the whole movement so I was kind of pooping and spinning at the same time. I slipped and kind of got the stuff all over my hip.

She got a white shirt out of the bed of the truck (thanks to her mom who found a bunch of white shirts for $1.00) and tried to wipe most of it off, but couldn’t get it all. She was almost happy when I found that little swamp.

Ain't Life Great


johndeb said...

Well Bert, We did it again. We went over the wall and got stuck in the snow and barbed wire fence. Of course Deb had to come out and get us out of our predicament. It was great fun watching her sink up to her arm pits in the snow drift. Now Basil is in the run and I'm on a short leash in the back yard. Deb has the flu and life is good for all. Bad Bear

louise curry said...

So cute