Saturday, March 21, 2009

Its a long read......

Vickie say’s I have been a real pill the last few weeks. She has been really frustrated with me and I have been in "time out" more than once or twice, but I think she finally figured out what her problem is today. Well at least, that is what she says.

To be quite honest, I am not sure what is going on myself. I just seem to be really nervous all the time and sometimes I get real scared. I hear sounds outside and I run out barking fiercely so that I can scare whatever it is away. But when I get out there, I can’t see any thing that you would consider bark worthy. The streets are empty and nothing is there, only the wind in the trees. Maybe that is it. Maybe the wind causes shadows to come across the living room floor that frighten me.

Let me start at the beginning for you. At least what I think is the beginning. I think it all started with that silly little episode with Abby. You know the one. I get put in “Time Out” just because she can’t handle a little brotherly advice…

Well, Vickie acted so crazy, I mean I have never seen her act like that before. It was so unlike her that I started to get a little nervous. What had I done that would bring her to such a state?

After that, she started making our walks last a lot longer, which was great by me. But during the walks she started asking me to “Sit” Stay” Wait”. She would even go around the corner of a building to see if I would come after her and I did the first few times, but she would take me right back to the place I had just left and start the Sit, Stay, and Wait stuff all over.

I finally figured that she needed some private time so I waited. I wasn’t too nervous because I could see her peaking around the corner every few seconds and I knew she was right there all the time so I just waited. (what was that all about?)

Well we continued our walks but she kept on insisting on making me sit and wait several times throughout the walk so I played along.

She kept me on leash through the whole walk one day, then let me walk off leash on another. It was actually quite a good way to end the days. I thought we were bonding….

Then the other day, she loaded up all the search dog gear and off we went to do a demonstration at the Childrens Christian Heritage school for my friend Zeus’s little girl Siera.

I was so excited. I love it when we go see all the children.

Siera was waiting for us and came running out to see us as we arrived in her class. She went right up to Jamie and asked if she could be in charge of Jamie. Vickie happily handed over Jamies leash and off they went. I know that Siera loves Jamie more than she loves me but that is ok because Jamie needs the attention more than I do.

Besides I got to stay with Vickie. At least for a while.

When Vickie started talking, she handed my leash over to Ken and he took me away from her. I got scared then. I started trying to pull Ken back to Vickie, I just wanted to be with her. Ken is a pretty big guy, but I was able to drag him a few feet closer to her. The kids were laughing but Vickie had a different look in her eyes. I think she was embarrassed by something.

I don’t know what came over me. Like I said I love kids but all I wanted to do was be at Vickies side. It was like this paralyzing fear came over me only I wasn’t paralyzed so I pulled and dragged and jumped. I did everything I could do to get Ken let me go to my Vickie.

Finally, finally, she took pitty on me and came and got me. I was so releaved, until I found out she was just passing me on to Zeus’s mom in the back of the class. It was crazy what I was feeling. Fear, apprehension, anxiety…….its crazy I know, but that is what I was feeling.

After a very long time, Vickie came and got me again and to my great joy, we got to do a little runaway right there in that tiny classroom full of children. The boy who was going to run from me, came over and teased me a bit with something (I don’t remember what it was) then he ran around the tables and through all the children and hid over in the opposite corner.

It was a no brainer. I was off and found him within seconds. Vickie was very happy after I did that, and so was I . Then I got to have all the children surround me and pet me. I like that part too. Soooooo much attention and all of it on me. Me Me……

On the way home, Vickie mumbled a lot saying things to herself like, “What am I doing wrong? What can I do to help him, I wonder what has come over him?’ On and On

She had a few days to think about that and I had a few days of walks, and “Sit Stays” and now it is Saturday. The third Saturday of the month. Search Dog Training Day.

I am thrilled. That means, Murhpy, Lacy, Toby, Meagan and TUCKER…..My best friend in the dog world……TUCKER…..

Everyone started showing up around 9 am. First came Erin and Chase. They are the best. WE went into a section of the kennel and each of them would give me treats, of course I had to SIT first, but we went back and forth, from one to the other. SIT- Treat
SIT- Treat SIT- Treat.

It was a great game. Then came the others. There were a bunch of new people and two new dogs. Budah is from Montpeiler and he is just starting out. He is smaller than me and all black and he has real potential as a friend…..but my great joy was to see Hobbs again. I had met him the week before at a big park where we met Murphy and went walking. We met Hobbs and his person on the trail. Since no one else was around, we all got to get off lead and run…..RUN RUN RUN….He is a little older than me, and very calm and Vickie says he is “like the best trained dog ever” kind of like Tucker.

Be patient Vickie, I’ll be that well trained one day. I just know I will.

While Vickie was busy training the other dogs and explaining things to the new people, Chase and Erin took me for this great walk. We went along the river and through the woods, and ended up a my favorite swimming lake.

There was this one part where I got worried when Chase hurt her hand. I could sense that it hurt. We were over by the Fort and she put her hand on the wood and got a sliver that went pretty deep into her palm. I wanted to help, but I don't have thumbs and you really need thumbs to work tweezers so she had to wait until we got home.

We met some people working at the park and then went down by the water. I almost got a chance to swim then, but when they called me, I dutifully came back. I tried my hardest to walk good for them and not pull them but once in a while I got a little insecure without Vickie close by and would put my front feet on their shoulders.

I can’t actually speak so that is my way of letting you know that I am nervous. They were really cool about it. They told me “no”, put my paws down and we walked on. They are really confident and they helped me to feel less stressed.

I’m home now, have had my dinner and am ready to call it a day. Vickie is sitting at the computer writing this for me, but her mind is busy working on new ideas to help me through my anxiety.

To be truthful, if she would just be patient, I am pretty sure I will grow out of it…..although I do think she is right about me learning to be more obedient. I guess I’ll quite pretending I don’t know what she is saying when she says “sit”. It probably isn’t so bad admitting you understand her. It may even keep me out of “time Out”

I’ll keep you posted.

Night all and Erin and Chase if you are reading this……THANK YOU SO MUCH

Love Bert


louise curry said...

I absolutely love you Bert. Your friends are pretty special also.

Erin said...

Bert you are the cutest thing that I have seen!!!! I love you Bert!!! (Keep the gas inside OK?)