Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March fun

So I got tired of waiting around for Roxy to come back. If you don’t remember, she was the absolutely breath taking rotty that visited us a few weeks ago. I loved her but she hasn’t been around for days so I decided to give another little girl a chance at my affections.

Roxy was older, more sophisticated. She was stunning, however, she has moved on so last weekend I got to spend some time with Lady. She is a bit younger than me and slightly on the hyper side but I liked her.
We ran and played till I had a headache. Or maybe the headache didn’t come so much from the playing as when I would do a flip flop on the cement while running, then Lady would slam my head into the cement as she jumped on top of me.

Anyway, Vickie says most of the time the two of us were just a blur. When I had to stop playing and come inside we found that I had blood all over me. I started to panic a little bit, thinking maybe I had brain damage and the blood was flowing out my ears but Vickie told me it was ok, that it was just from Lady’s teeth that she was loosing.

Whoooo that was a little scary.

Monday was kind of quiet for me because Vickie spent most of the day cleaning up the kennel after all the snow had melted. She was pretty tired at the end of the day so there was no trip to the park for me.

However, Tuesday came along and after some late arrivals Vickie Jamie and I went to the park. We played ball for about 35 minutes and it was just great. When it was time to come home, I was pretty tired. Not Jamie though. She could hardly breath but she still wanted to play more ball.

I must have pushed it a little harder than I thought because when I came home, I drank some cool refreshing water and then five minutes later, it all came back up.

Not one look of concern on Vickie’s face. She just got out the hose and hosed it down. Do you think that my days of causing her to panic every time I throw up (which is very often) are over. WE will see……

While Jamie and I were resting, Vickie, Abby and Scrappy went to the back of the kennel and the next thing you know they are hauling up this big red machine. “Time to plant peas” she said. Then she started up the big red thing and these huge metal bars started rolling around and around tearing up the ground below. She said it was a tiller.

Well digging up the dirt like that looked like so much fun, that while she was busy, Jamie and I decided we should help her out by digging up the grass. I was just sure that was the next thing she was going to want to dig up.

We had gotten a pretty good share of it up when the big machine stopped running and Vickie came running through the gate and into the yard hollering at the top of her lungs to “Leave it” (I know she wasn’t hollering that loud because she was mad, I think it was just to get Jamies attention. You see I stopped digging the minute the machine stopped but Jamie was still at it. She couldn’t see or hear Vickie as she is deaf and almost blind now, so I am pretty sure that is why Vickie was making such a loud noise)

I don’t really understand all the rules yet, but I am getting pretty sure about the digging thing. After today, I will be sure to only do it when she is inside the house or gone. Its really quite embarrassing to see her act that way.

After that little show, Vickie grabbed the camera, locked us out of the yard area and then went back to get some pictures of the dogs who are here today. She says that sometimes humans like to look on this page and read what I say, but mostly they want to see how their buddies are doing. So for you guys, here are some fun pictures of the dogs today.

Like me, Jamie, Abby and Scrappy, most of them are taking a siesta in the beautiful warm sun. But there are still a few that have more energy to burn.


Heli and Carbon and Vickie play chase with a stick.

Basking in the sun, Duke, Winston, Garbo, Elvis and Tina.

Sweety, Striker, and Windsor

Hodges and Hudson, Isabelle and Winston

Size eight boot, size 15 head


Anonymous said...

Doggone good read. So sorry you did not set up some ground rules before you started tilling. KC

The Ryans said...

What a fun day wish we didn't have to stay home with our dad (human) but we loved our walk in the sunshine too. I bet Vickie didn't understand that you & Jamie were just trying to help her. hahaha
Cleo & Gus
ps loved the 8 boot & 15 head photo