Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Day before the Storm

Today: Saturday, was a very busy day for me. I knew something was up when Vickie pulled out her pack with my search vest and the GPS in it. I followed her all morning, just so she didn’t try and sneak out without me.

Around 9 am (yes, I am learning to tell time) My friends Todd, Brenda and Keith came from Montpelier and wahoo I finally got to see Shantra again and I knew for sure then, that this would be a good day. Pretty soon, up comes Erin, then Chase. Oh my gosh, I could hardly contain myself.

Erin and Chase took over the minute they came. They wouldn’t let me jump on people, the made me wear my collar and leash, and they worked with me on my Sits and Stays.

Soon we were all piled into the truck and we were off. Off to the Fort as Vickie calls it. Jamie, Vickie and I had been there the day before setting up little hidden secrets for all the handlers and dogs and I was excited to get back and start the games….

Chase and Erin and I immediately started out on our exploration of the park while Vickie talked to the other handlers. They set up problems for all the other dogs. Me and the girls headed to the top of one path. There were hundreds of great smells and it was beautiful day and I did my best to walk real good for them.

Both Erin and Chase are getting pretty good about making me walk “Nicely” and I am not allowed to pull or drag them at all. You would think I could have more control over two 12 year olds. These two might be tiny but they are strong willed young ladies and I hate to admit it but try as I might, they don’t give in. So I guess I will behave so we can all enjoy the walk.

Soon we headed back to the others cause it was my turn to do some search work. Vickie is often so busy with the others that she forgets about me, but today I got plenty of attention.

After my problem we all headed up over the bridge and into the park Chase walked with Murphy and Erin and I walked together. Vickie was off ignoring me again.. Jamie says she does that a lot when the search dogs get together. I can understand it with Jamie because she is so smart and already knows all the things the other dogs and handlers are learning, but I think it will be my goal to make sure Vickie understands that I need her time too and she must, she will, have to stop ignoring me.

How can I be a great search dog if she doesn’t give me the time she gives to all the others. Thank goodness Chase and Erin played with me all day. We jumped over logs, ran along the river and they threw sticks for me so I could swim in the lake.

So anyway, it was a great day and it kept getting better cause when we were finished at one park, Vickie Jamie and I headed west to another park where we met up with Zeus’s family.

See, at both of the parks, Vickie was taking lots of pictures with the dogs and kids for the little book on Wilderness Safety. At the Fort she took pictures with Tucker and Hobbs and Budha, but after all those guys went home, Vickie called my friend Sierra and asked her to come and pose for more pictures.

Jamie, Vickie and I met Sierra and her parents at another park and we all had a great time. I was hoping they would bring my friend and idol Zeus, but he had to stay home. Maybe next time.

I had a fun time with Sierra and she is a great model. Of course she is sitting next to me and I can make all things beautiful just by being there. Sierra didn’t want Jamie to feel bad so she asked if Vickie could take some pictures of her with Jamie which was fine by me because why they were posing and modeling Sierra’s dad threw the ball for me and he throws way better than Vickie.

Now I am home and ready for a well deserved rest. I asked Vickie to finish this for me and add some of today’s pictures for you so you can know what a great time I had.


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Erin said...

Don't you think those pictures went well??? I loved them Bert! You can really pose for the camera! You also have the face of an angel!(That does not mean you get any ideas to let Vickie cave in if you did something bad Bert!!!)