Saturday, March 14, 2009

Whew Boy Am I In Trouble. I have just spent the last 30 minutes in “Time Out” “Time Out” what the heck is that all about and who made up that particular rule, and how come I have never heard about it before.

It was horrible. I was forced to go into the side kennel and watch while Jamie, Abby and Scrappy, played and talked and spent time together outside on this beautiful day. They laughed and romped around right in front of me, ignoring the fact that I wasn’t able to join in and all because of this rule of “Time Out”

You see it all started out wonderfully. We got up, Vickie did all the chores around the kennel, feeding, cleaning and getting fresh water for the dogs who were staying for the weekend. Then when she was done and Jamie was fast asleep, Vickie and I snuck out, got in the car and went to Vickies moms house were I got to play a bit with KC.

KC wasn’t a lot of fun though, he just kept wanting to get into the house and see what Vickie and her mom were doing. Finally they let us both in and boy was that neat. I got to check out KC’s house for a bit but Vickie kept telling me, “get off that Bert, stop doing that Bert, and no jumping Bert”. Vickie is a very tense person some times and she acted so embarrassed when her mom asked how come I wasn’t trained better.

Then we met Murphy and Paulette at this really cool park over in South Ogden. It was on the side of the hill behind the Ogden Athletic Center and it was great. For the most part, we all four just walked around the park and every so often, Vickie and Paulette would tell Murphy and Me to sit and stay.

They would walk a few yards away and then come back, or call us to them. I don’t know why they have to practice that, but it seems like it is something that humans need to do often. I wonder if they forgot what Sit and Stay means so they have to keep asking us dogs to show them.

Anyway, then this really cool yellow lab came along with his two friends. One was in a wheel chair and I wasn’t even afraid cause I have seen wheelchairs before. That guy was really nice. I visited with him for a minute while they all talked, then Vickie let me go off lead and me and this other dog ran and ran and ran.

I made snow angels in the snow and got to play ball for a bit. Finally Paulette let Murphy run with us too and we all had a great time. On the way back to the car I found a great mud hole so I got to cool off and finish the walk with in one final classic dip.

When we got home, I was very tired so we all went out on the front porch area and Vickie sat in the swing with Scrappy and Abby Jamie and I took a nap in the grass. It was very wonderful.

While I was asleep Vickie had gone into the house and got a bowl of popcorn. I woke up to the smell of it and my tummy started to moan and groan. I had worked it pretty hard on the walk and now it was hungry, so I wandered on over and sat in front of her waiting for my share.
Abby and Jamie came over too. Everything went along pretty good with Vickie giving each of us a kernel of popped corn every few minutes, but then she got careless. At first she was giving the pieces to us individually, then she started tossing the popcorn to us. Now remember, I was very hungry, so when Abby and I competed for the same kernel, I might have gotten a little carried away.

She nosed me out for the tasty morsel and it kind of made me mad. I needed her to understand that I am a growing boy and that I need all the nutrition I can get. So when she took that piece that was meant for me, I just sort of turned on her. I knocked her down and I grabbed her by the neck.

Now I was only trying to tell her something but Vickie took it all wrong. She flew out of the swing and before I knew it I was being grabbed by my neck and lifted off of Abby. Vickie pulled me up so I was standing on my hind feet and flipped me around to face her.
Then she threw off her sunglasses and started foaming at the mouth hollering:

“Don’t you ever, ever EVER treat your little sister like that again, You Bad BAD boy.” She had a hold of both my cheeks and we were nose to nose, her eyes were on fire and I was scared. I quickly looked away because she was really making me nervous. What had I done that would bring on this tirade.

I guess looking away was what she wanted cause she let me go, but she wasn’t through with me. Oh No, then she marched me over here to this side kennel and locked me in.

I must say this has been a very unsettling day for me. Now, (one hour later) I am out with the other dogs but I am warily watching Vickie. She has hugged me a time or two since the “episode” and keeps saying, “I hope you learned something from this”.

Well Yes I did learn something. Vickie can be really scary, she can come unglued for no explainable reason, she is nuts…..But I still love her, I forgive her and I will continue to live with her, at least for now.

I do, however think that she should not get away with this without having to suffer a little bit, so just to be sure that she can’t sleep tonight, I ate the plastic top of the dog food cans. Now she will have to worry about me getting sick again and having surgery, at least until it passes. That will teach her……


PS. I just got some pictures of my mom and dad and thought you would like to see them. My mother is soooo beautiful. I remember her well. She took such good care of me and my brothers and sisters. Sometimes I miss them, but those times get less and less.
I didn't get to know my dad but I heard everyone talk about him. now that I have his picture I can see why they called him Prince. Check it out I am the one on the bottom, Do you think I might look like him one day?

I hope so.......


Anonymous said...

Wow Bert, you really do have beautiful parents. You know you should really write a book bdecause some of your writing reminds me of Debbie when she was young.....Very tense, very interesting and very descriptive.

Erin said...

Oh My Bert! Look at those miraculous parents of yours. Aren't they bueatiful? Don't you just love to see them? I surely do!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!