Friday, March 27, 2009

Sick Days, Icy Cold Days and Beautiful Warm Days

Not sure what happened but I was so sick yesterday. My tummy felt uncomfortable but it wasn’t until I ate my dinner that everything exploded. All of a sudden it hurt so bad that I had to throw up all my food.

Then I got dizzy and I didn’t dare move because everything was spinning in circles. Vickie was very worried. She called me in to the kitchen but I just stood there kind of wobbling.

Of course Vickie panicked and was looking up Dr. Eddies phone number, but I was able to walk a bit by the time she was getting ready to call him, so she decided to wait a bit and see if I got better before she bothered him so late in the day.

It took about 5 minutes before I dared walk around to much, so Vickie decided to wait a little longer. Pretty soon I was feeling a bit better but I sure didn’t want to eat anything for a few hours.

When I did feel like eating, Vickie would only give me a handful of food at a time. She made me wait an hour between each handful. That was probably a pretty good idea. I think, maybe, I just might have gulped my food down too fast and that is why I got sick.

I might have to think about this food fascination I have. I mean, it’s not like she starves me or anything. I just like food. Fast Food…..

Thursday night I got to meet up with Murphy and Hobbs. We did another demonstration for a group of scouts and their families.

I wasn’t near as nervous as I have been in the past. I might be getting more confident.

What was really fun, was after the demo, Murphy, Hobbs and I got to run in the park. That Hobbs is a fast runner, but once in a while I catch up to him and body slam him. He rolls pretty good when I make him topple head over heals. Its pretty funny.

He is a great sport about it.

I have to laugh when I watch Murphy run cause he looks like a big mop when his long hair blows through the wind.
Friday during Vickies lunch break she took me and Jamie to the Fort to set up some article work for the other search dogs on Saturday.

That’s always great because it means we get to run and play for a couple of hours. We covered almost every corner of the park. I practiced my Sit Stays and then when Vickie called me I would run and leap over these logs. That was great fun. I am quite athletic if I say so myself......

Every few 100 yards Vickie would stop and pull out her GPS, mark the spot then hide one of her dirty socks. Jamie kept trying to sneak back to the area she buried a sock and dig it up so we had to re-bury one sock three different times.

One time we found this really cool area where there was a sheet of ice over the swamp. Vickie was trying to take pictures of the designes in the ice but I kept thinking I should check it out and would go down to the water and break up all the layers of ice. It didn't make her too happy but I thought it was exciting.

Ice is very different than water. First I think I am walking on top of water, then all of a sudden it cracks and breaks and I fall through. Thank goodness Vickie only lets me around little shallow areas where I only sink in about 6 inches. It would be pretty messy if it were much deeper.

WE continued on through the park hiding the articles. Just to make it more fun for the handlers, she stuck something fun in each sock so us dogs get to find the smelly sock and the handlers get prizes.

She told me she wanted me to find the one that had the cool flashlight in it so I better practice in my head tonight all the ways to use my nose to find the hidden sock.

It’s just about dinner time so I better go into the kitchen and start my most winsome gaze at the big round container that holds my food. That should get her attention.

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Slaves of Intensity said...

I can't believe what a beautiful dog Bert is- are beautiful things always so much trouble???