Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aspen gets a new home

We just got some pictures from Aspen. She was welcomed to her new life with a big sign and a new bed, lots of toys and a great new friend. A ferret. Aspen gets a ferret of her very own. I mean, yes….I have some rat friends that come over from the grainery but they aren’t really very sociable. But I am not complaining, I do have Jamie, Abby and Scrappy to play with.
And now that Tristy is loosing so much weight, even she is a little fun to be around. But a Ferret…..I really want a ferret. Maybe if I wish hard enough, Santa will bring me a Ferret of my very own…
It is still pretty cold here. It is icy too. When I run and play in the kennels, I can hit a section of ice and slide for five or six feet. Pretty cool. I have four legs so I can balance pretty good on the ice, but Vickie, oh my, she is not very good with her two legs on ice.

Most the time she walks real careful across the stuff, but more often than not, one of my pals will come running up to her from behind, hit that spot of ice and BAM……down she goes. Except for the cuss words that come from her, it all looks pretty cool seeing her feet go out from under her, flip up in the air and her come crashing down on her behind.

I know, I shouldn’t laugh, but well, come on…..wouldn’t you?

It just started snowing again, so I am going to head out and play in the stuff……

Here are some fun pictures from yesterday when Ferah came to play.





Betty & her pup Rosie

Oh, before I go, could you all just make some plea’s to Santa for me…..Ferret Ferret Ferret……Be sure not to tell Vickie cause I know she won’t get me one but Santa doesn’t know that……..Ferret Ferret Ferret.

NOTE FROM VICKIE (Don’t even think about it……)

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