Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sleepy Time At Canine Country Club

Sometimes it is all about enjoying this cold weather by taking a nice comfy nap. We are famous for that here at the country club. Even Vickie takes time out for a nap in the middle of the day if it is needed. I mean, think about it. She wakes us up at 4:30 in the morning and keeps us awaky until 10 pm. Ya gotta get some sleep in there somewhere.

Jamie is the all time cutest sleeper here. I like to watch her as she holds her paws up over her nose. (oh my gosh, Tristy....) She just let a blast of gas that almost knocked me off my feet and we know that I can tolerate a lot of smells but Oh Dear Me.

OK, now that I can see again, lets get back to Sleep time at CCC. Sweet Betty got spayed the other day and when Vickie brought her home, she was walking a little funny. I told her she could sleep on the lazy boy (Which is MY BED) until she felt better. She curled up and didn't move for the whole rest of the day and all night and most of today. I guess getting spayed is a lot harder on a dog than getting neutered. I know about neutering, cause I got neutered and it was No Picnic I can tell you. But spaying, well it just looks more painful.... Poor Betty.....

Vickie said it was very sweet of me to give up my bed for Betty, and because I was being so unselfish, she told me I could sleep in her chair....AFTER she covered it with sheets. Something about me and shedding and hair and yadayadayda

Abby is passed out on one of the floor beds. It is unusual to see her in the house sleeping. Most of the time she hides in a corner some where....Don't know why...she just does.

Betty got up today and went out to go to the bathroom so I quickly took back my bed. I did let Scrappy share it with me....but I think I gave Betty a long enough run at it.

No big deal to her, she just jumped up in Vickies chair the second I abandoned it. I think she figures she is a house dog now. Vickie said it was ok, cause that would probably help her to find a new home.....She really is a sweet dog....or so vickie says

OK, so I sleep where ever I like.....Everything is my bed.....

Tired Tired Tired.......But Betty is feeling a lot better after her surgery.....I am glad she is ok..

So there you go.....just a bunch of pictures of us sleeping.....wow, I bet your impressed. But if you are not impressed enough, how about a video of me watching TV. Yep......KC watches TV and loves it so I decided I better watch it myself to see what I was missing. I tried and tried to get into it....but I still think it is silly. I'd rather go to the park....
Whoops, no video......It wouldn't download.....dang it....

PS Vickie is still adding chapters to the story "Little Boy Lost" if you want to keep up.

So have a nice one. I know this is pretty boring this time...but after Christmas and all that joy and love and stuff, you gotta have some down time.



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