Saturday, December 26, 2009

Now here’s an interesting action on Vickie’s part. There I was, minding my own business, walking down the path to the lake when I smelled that another dog had been walking by here too. Not at the same moment as Vickie and I, but some time in the recent past.

I know this, because I have an incredible nose and I use it to tell me many things. Now it was telling me about a big dog that had been by earlier. I could almost picture its every movement, just by the smells I was working on.

It had wandered the same path we were now walking, stopped here and there to sniff this and that and then, working its way up to this huge tree, it left behind a strong marking to let others such as myself know he had been there.

I felt compelled to leave a mark for other dogs too, so I just lifted my leg and peed on that tree. Of course it was important for me to show other dogs that might come along, that I was bigger and cooler than that first dog so I lifted my leg even higher than before and marked it again.

At this point Vickie is proudly saying, to no one in particular (cause we were alone) “Ah, my boy is now a man” Not sure what that means, but I guess it is a good thing that I can stand on three legs and pee on a tree. I think I’ll go home and try it on the trees around the kennel. There are a bunch of those and that should make Vickie ecstatic….

OK, so now that we know I am a Big BOY……lets move on to this Christmas Thing. To me, it was just like any other day. At least at first.

Vickie got up and fed all of us. (This was a two hour job) then she was off to spend time with her human family. She was gone a pretty long time, plus she was gone all evening the day before Christmas. I thought this was supposed to be ME time…….cause she says it is all about family and love. Well I am family, so where the heck are you Vickie.

She comes back and talks about what a wonderful time she had with everyone as they all sat around a big table filled with tasty delights and happy conversations. (Again, where was I?)

What a joyful time they had, even KC who got to be there with my buddy Garrett….AGAIN, Where was I? I’ll tell you where I was…..I was home, doing nothing…just sitting around waiting for Vickie cause Christmas was supposed to be so fun…..

She finally comes home and says to me and the others “Merry Christmas” lets all go to the park. YAhooy The park…..and John and Trigger are coming too….

It was a beautiful sunny day with a little snow still on the ground. The perfect day to go to the park…..Jamie and I played tug-of-war which I kindly let her win….ONCE….

Then John raced all of us around the field until I finally caught up to him and took him down……

Abby and Trigger even played. Truly, Abby actually played.

By the time we headed for home, I was completely exhausted. All pretty cool, but not really anything that was more fun than any other day. So again, what is this Christmas thing all about.

Hang on, you are going to find out soon.
Yep Here it comes.
Of course my favorite one was another big red ball…….I love my big red balls. Not as much as I love boomerang Bob, but almost as much. Mostly because I get to play with my big red balls all the time. Bommerang Bob only gets to come out when we are searching…….

I know I asked for a ferret but I guess I’ll have to settle for A Big Red Ball…..for now…..
We all got a big juicy bone to chew on, and chicken salad sandwiches as a special treat for dinner. Vickie may have figured that was a bad idea later in the evening when we all had gas, but its too late now……

We also got this really big, really cool picture of me and Jamie that is made out of all these colored strings. Vickie hung it on the wall so I can look at how cool I am all day long……

To finish the day off Vickie read us all a story just before bed time. It was about a little baby that was born in a manger. (That is like the straw bed that we made for Betty and her puppies) and how he grew into being the most special person ever to be born on the earth.

It was a beautiful story and it made me grateful for all the things that I have. I am one lucky dog……
Now we are all off to bed but I wanted to wish Merry Christmas to you all.

Much Love
PS We have a new blog now. If you want to check it out. It is just stories and experiences from Vickie, Jamie, McKenna and Andy's experiences in Search And Rescue....One day soon, I'll have my own stories to add.
hope you enjoy them......

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