Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wow was it cold this morning. There is this crazy wind coming down the canyon and when it hits our house, it causes the water and snow to freeze in mid air. There are tendrils of crystal clear shiney frozen water everywhere. Mostly along the fences that surround the house and kennels, but it also is falling from the trees and off the roof.

Cold Cold Cold. I love the snow and all but boy this is almost painful.
Today we got up early and headed up into the mountains to a place called The Swanson Foundation Environmental Center. It took the car a long time to even warm up enough for Vickie to drive it…..COLD….but finally we were on the road heading up.

First we stopped at Rainbow Gardens and to my delight we met up with Murhpy and Paulette. They got into our car and we were off again.
Finally after driving forever, we turned off the main road and slowly made our way up a snow packed road into the mountains. After a few miles, Vickie parked the truck and Murphy and I were allowed to get out. Vickie and Paulette put their back packs on and we all headed up the mountain.

It was really cold and windy but that didn’t bother us at all. I just knew this was all leading to something special. Why else would we go to all this trouble in the cold cold cold.
We climbed up the hillside for about 20 minutes. Murphy and I running and playing our way up. When we stopped for a breather, I heard some noises echoing in the breeze. I turned my nose toward the sound and was thrilled to smell kids. Lots and lots of kids…..
Off I went in pursuit of the location of the kids.
Murphy and I were quick to find a huge building with tons of kids outside of it, playing in the snow. It was like we had found Heaven…….

Of course when the kids started noticing us, they all came running and the fun was on……

After a while we all went inside cause everyone, including me and Murhpy were getting cold.
For the next hour, Vickie and Paulette taught the kids how to stay safe should they ever become lost in the woods. While Vickie was talking I found myself a group of kids who had nothing to do but pet me and listen.
First I wandered around the whole group checking out everyone until I finally found the group I wanted to lay down with an when I found them, I got myself comfortable and then just let them take all the time they wanted to pet me, rub my ears, and tummy. Oh my life is sooooooooo wonderful.
Then we all had lunch and another group of kids came up and joined us. All in all there was about 150 kids and I was as happy as I could be. All that attention on me, little ole me…..
There was more than kids there too. I was really excited when I found this raccoon that was hiding in a back corner. I tried to get it to play with me, but all it would let me do is smell it and even give it a good lick. It stood frozen in time, not moving at all for our whole visit. I tried to let it know that I was just a fun lovin guy and that I wouldn't hurt him, that all I wanted to do was just play with him, but he still wouldn't move......Never even a blink of his eyes. I finally gave up on trying to get him to join me in a romp and went back to say good by to the kids.
Eventually all this had to come to an end and we left my adoring fans and headed back down to the car. I was getting tired but not so tired that I could give Murphy a little game of tug-of-war with his rope and a short jaunt through the snow.

I am so tired tonight, that I can barely get the strength to get up and eat dinner. Of course I managed that, but now I am pretty much down for the evening. It is still cold outside, really cold, but my house is warm enough.

Thank goodness for electricity……
Night everyone.

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