Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I was so excited last night when Vickie got an email from a friend who knew my horse friends. See I am really fond of them, but we have never been on a first name basis. How cool is this though, Vickies friend saw pictures of her horses on my blog and she sent a note telling Vickie what their names were.

So off we went for a visit today so I could tell them the good news. Vickie was excited too because she has been in love with this big beautiful Blue Eyed one forever and now we finally know her name. Vickie couldn't wait to talk to her.
At first I was a little nervous because they weren’t in the usual pasture that I always see them in. I ran through looking for them, Vickie whistled but no sign of them at all.
Just when I thought I wouldn’t get to see them this time, and we were heading back to the van, I noticed out of the corner of my eye in a whole different pasture three familiar bodies making their way to the closest fence line.
Yep, it was my buddies and I was so excited that I ran straight to them, crawled under the fence and gave the big white one a big kiss on the nose.
Vickie and the rest of them (Jamie, Abby, Scrappy and Tristy) were a few minutes off. The snow was slowing them down…..but I could hear Vickie hollering at me to NOT go inside the same area as my friends were. Now why would I want to stay outside when I could be inside with them.

She was saying something about me getting myself kicked in the head and it would serve me right, but I know my buddies wouldn’t kick me. Me….wonderful me……

So I am visiting and Vickie is taking pictures. Mariah, (Big Blue Eyes) is off to the side, kind of not in the mood to visit. But the other two Beamer and Quarter Moon (at least I think that is what their names are) were quite happy to see me.

We nussled and did some play bows, yes, horses play bow, and just enjoyed the day for a bit. I was happily walking around my new friends when all of a sudden I heard a noise, sounded like a big bubble of air. I looked up and as it was, I was on the back end of the big white guy or girl, I wasn’t really looking to see….but anyway as I was looking up this huge pile of big brown manna from heaven came shooting down landing right there in front of me.
Fresh and warm and oh so good, I grabbed a big ole mouth ful. Vickie of course was screaming “Dropt It, Bert Drop it” but thankfully there was a fence between her and I and she couldn’t stop me from my fresh tasty meal…….mmmmmm gotta love those horses….
After our visit with Mariah and the others we all headed over to the playground. The swings were not my favorite part. i kept going up and getting on them and they would jump right out from under my paws.,
But there was this cool big blue tire with snow on the top and I had a great time trying to climb up to the top of it. I'd get up a few feet, then fall back into the snow pack. Roll around a bit, then try it again. I wonder who invented Parks, and playgrounds and horse pastures. They must be the coolest people in the world......
Back at the kennel we went around to play with the other dogs for a while. Emma and Bandit have been here for a week and they are getting a little tired of me. But the two shephers Maggie and Molly only come one day a week so they enjoy me and my playful ways. They never have a cross word for me.
Gus and Cleo were singing Christmas Carols for us all. They do a pretty good job. Gus is a little off pitch, but Cleo sings loud enough to cover up any bad sounds.
Little Aspen (one of Betty's pups) is still kind of cautious of the whole socialization stuff. But she is getting much better, thanks to her new family. Ashley and Patrick come and visit her and her sisters daily. they are teaching them how to sit, stay and come. Friday Aspen gets to go home with them permanantly. I don't think Aspen knows or understands this. I remember it was really scary that first few days after Vickie brought me home, but now I know that it was the luckiest day of my life. At least so far.....
Zeus is still just dying to get in and play with Aspen, Betty and the other two pups but Vickie has yet to let him go in and stay. He doesn't really want to spend time with Betty, he just is really enthralled with those little puppies.
Gus and Cleo, still trying to get the rest of us to join in on the Christmas Caroling. Give it up Gus, will ya?
I am not sure if Vickie has noticed that I snuck the big red ball out of the truck. I kind of have to keep it a secret from her cause she says I am really annoying when I have it.
Here's Baby Aspen again. Her and Ashley are getting better acquainted. Hopefully Betty’s other two kids will get as good a home as I am sure Aspen is getting. Betty has been visiting with a really nice lady a couple of times and she may decide to have Betty come and live with her after Christmas. It would be a perfect home for Betty. She has had a really rough life as far as Vickie can tell. Probably used as a breeder in a puppy mill but now because of some really nice people and good luck, Betty might be able to live a life of peace and happiness.

If she goes with the lady she has been visiting with, she will have a big beautiful yard to play in a wonderful person to lavish her with attention and love, a dog door so she can go inside and outside any time she wants….and she will never have to stay in a little cage again. (Keeping my toes crossed for Betty too)

As a finsih for my day, my boys came by and took me, Tristy and Betty for a long walk and a fast game of chase so I am pretty tired. Vickie is in the kitchen boiling a chicken for Gus the lab cause he has an upset stomach and isn't eating real good. You would be surprised how fast a tasty bit of chicken can make a dog feel better. Dont anyone tell Jill though, cause I know she loves chickens and I don't want to hurt her feelings by letting her know that I LOVE Chicken too and if Vickie would give me chicken every day all day long, I would be sooooo happy.
Well, off to bed now.
Hope you are all having as great a week as I am.
Life is good.....aint it?

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