Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last night we had, what Vickie call’s FOG. It was really cool, but kind of eerie. It was kind of like walking through clouds. Spooky at first but then, after I got used to it, well it was absolutely the best.

There was almost No sound at all, not even the usual noised from the freeway. The fog was all you felt or heard. When morning came, we went out again and took pictures of what the fog did to the world around.

Bushes and weeds were covered with a layer of something like snow, but it was almost like ice…

I had waited till Vickie and John left the office, at least I thought they had left. While I was just about to reach back behind the moose figurine on the top right shelf of the computer, (the place Vickie hides my big red ball) the flash from the camera went off and I knew I had been caught.

I turned and jumped off the chair and out of the room. I knew I was in trouble. I was on my way out the dog door when I heard Vickie and John laughing.

Slowly I made my way back into the office to see what they were laughing about, confused that I was not being hollered at for climbing on the furniture. Seems they were laughing at me……I wasn’t in trouble at all.

For the next ten minutes John and I played “Drop the Ball, Catch the Ball” a game at which I am pretty darn good at……
Then we all popped into the van and went up to see Whitney and Tyler at their new house. I wasn’t very happy when I realized that I was not invited into the house, but after they visited, Whitney and Tyler came out and played a while with me. They have a lot more snow than we do and I think we didn’t get to stay nearly long enough.
Tyler had lost one of his gloves a few days earlier and I spent a few seconds trying to find it for him. And YES, I did find it cause guess what…..Oh heck you know…….I am the best search dog in the whole world…….

Oh Yeah, Aspen (one of Betty’s pups) went to her new home on Friday. I know she is very lucky cause these two are like some of the best humans I have yet to meet. Lucky Aspen. I just hope the other two pups and their momma, Betty get a wonderful home too.

Check out the little gals and if you know of anyone who wants to love a lab/pit bull cross puppy, contact Vickie at

I plan on writing again before Christmas but I still wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas so here’s a Christmas Picture from me with love, to You…..

Merry Christmas


Brian said...

Vickie- I just love your pictures! Do you still make cards? Callie demands now to come and look at the animal pictures (your blog) and it's always so fun to come and see what Bert's up to. I think you should hide a jack'n the box or something on top of the computer desk for next time- ha ha!

The Ryans said...

Bert you are so lucky you didn't get in trouble for climbing on the computer stand. I pulled a few ornaments off of the Christmas tree when my human put it up this year and get told everytime they leave to "stay away from the tree" they keep saying stuff like "I can't believe he's 7 years old and still messes with the tree." I try to make them think that it's Cleo but they know better.
oxoxo your friend Gus.